Dr. Christopher Gambino

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Assistant Professor and Co-Director of Food Systems Institute

Dr. Christopher Gambino is an assistant professor of animal science at Delaware Valley University. He is passionate about feeding communities both locally and globally. Dr. Gambino has published peer-reviewed research on climate-smart agriculture. Before joining DelVal, Dr. Gambino worked as a post-doc in North Carolina State University’s Genetic Engineering and Society (GES) Center on his USDA funded project, “Toward Fostering Science-Based Decision Makers: Overcoming Conceptualization Barriers in Agricultural Sustainability.” He has held appointments as a senior natural resource analyst with the University of Idaho’s Policy Analysis Group (PAG) and as a Breakthrough Generation Fellow at The Breakthrough Institute. He also assisted on the AGree Initiative facilitated by Meridian Institute.


Ph.D., Animal Sciences, Washington State University

Master of Public Administration, North Carolina State University, Specialization: Nonprofit Management and Strategic Planning

Graduate Certificate, Agroecology and Sustainable Agriculture, Washington State University

B.S., Human Nutrition, North Carolina State University

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      Animal Science 
      Courses Taught:

      Introduction to Animal Science Lecture & Labs
      Animal Feeding and Nutrition Lecture & Lab
      Organic Livestock Management Lecture & Lab



      Courses Taught:

      Agriculture and Food Policy

      Current Projects

      Analyzing the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats of Animal Agriculture in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Role: Principal Investigator

      Expanding Collaboration, Cooperation and Capacity Building in the Northeast to Train, Inspect and Certify to the NOP. Role: Course Developer

      Organic prevention and treatment of Mastitis-causing bacteria in organic dairy herds. Role: Faculty Mentor

      Pennsylvania Food Animal Processing Strategic Needs Assessment. Role: Principal Investigator

      Past Projects

      Understanding Motivations to Biosecurity Acceptance and Practice Among Pig Producers. Role: Principal Investigator

      Toward Fostering Science-Based Decision Makers: Overcoming Conceptualization Barriers in Agricultural Sustainability. Role: Principal Investigator

      Aligning Agriculture Production and Environmental Outcomes. Role: AGree Fellow


      Bomgardner, M., Gambino, C.D., Haan, M., Haney, C., and Johnson, C. (January 2021). Organic Solutions: Livestock (Panel Discussion). PASA 2021Virtual Sustainable Agriculture Conference, Online.

      Brownawell, E. Hines, E., Falcone, L., and Gambino, C.D. (July 2021). Understanding Biosecurity Perceptions in Pennsylvania Pig Producers. ASAS Annual Meeting.

      Gambino, C.D., Brownawell, E., and Hines, E. (July 2021). Swine Producer Identities: Understanding perceptions of a Good Producer. ASAS Annual Meeting.

      Dr. Gambino’s podcasts with scholars and writers on food, agriculture, and climate. 

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