One Health Seminar Series Presents, 'Viral Communication'

Tuesday, February 9
6:00pm to 7:30pm
Via Zoom

About the Presentation:
Our struggle with communication in the age of the internet continues to pose a tremendous risk to the well-being of our planet and all the peoples who inhabit it. We often discuss this struggle in terms of "news literacy," or "critical thinking," but in this presentation we will explore how this phenomenon goes beyond these narrow definitions. 

The 21st century does not suffer from a dearth of knowledge. It suffers because it does not know what to do with its knowledge. A popular meme states, "My science doesn't require your belief," but this joke refuses to acknowledge an uncomfortable truth about human perception--whether we are considering faith, superstition, or science the act of belief, the cognitive process of accepting something as true, functions the same. This is why humans often make self-destructive choices despite a preponderance of evidence. This is why we can see the world warming around us, species dying out, and eco-systems being ravaged and still convince ourselves it is nothing more than politics and posturing. This is why conspiracy theories spread faster than nuanced conversation.

We invite you to consider with us why we must, as a society, value and discuss the role language plays in knowledge generation. Of course, your science requires our belief. That’s how it gets funded. That’s how it changes the world. Science is the best system we have for understanding the madness of this world, but it is powerless if we cannot, first and foremost, learn to understand ourselves.

About the Speakers
Dr. Brian Lutz is an associate professor of literary studies at the Delaware Valley University where he has taught since 2006. In 2003, Dr. Lutz was named Poet Laureate of Bucks County—at the time, the youngest person ever given this honor. His poetry has been published in numerous nationwide journals including Slate, The Louisville Review, Potomac Review, Poetry East, Crab Orchard Review and Cimarron Review. His areas of interest and scholarship include contemporary poetics and spatiality in fantastic landscapes.   

Dr. Jessica McCall completed her Ph.D. with a specialization in early modern studies and graphic novels under Dr. Evelyn Gajowski at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas in May 2011. Dr. McCall's research interests focus specifically on representations of warrior women from Spenser's Radigund through the DC Comics character Wonder Woman. Dr. McCall takes a presentist approach to early modern literature examining modern resonances and myth across time.

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About One Health
One Health is a multi-disciplinary approach that works locally, regionally, nationally, and globally to attain optimal well being for people and society, the environment and plants, and animals. Together, the three major components make up the One Health triad, and the well-being of each is inextricably linked to the others in the triad. To learn more about the One Health Seminar Series at DelVal, please visit