Pet-Friendly Housing

A Unique Option: Pet-Friendly Housing!

Pets and animals play an important role in the lives of our students at Delaware Valley University. For many students, having a pet while residing on campus creates a more comfortable, supportive and welcoming environment for learning and success, which is our purpose as an educational institution.

The pet-friendly residence program is located on any floor that is designated a "pet-friendly zone" by the Office of Residence Life. These zones will be designated to provide pet-friendly opportunities to students in our suite and traditional-style housing. Students who are interested in participating will select or request housing in a pet-friendly zone. Once assigned, pet owners will submit an application that will be reviewed and approved by the Office of Residence Life. Students assigned to a pet-friendly zone are not required to host their own animal on campus, but no student may bring an animal into a pet-friendly zone until their application is approved.

Four guiding principles inform this policy:

  1. Humane care and treatment for animals in residence
  2. Respect for the facility and rights of other residents occupying the "pet-friendly" zones
  3. Integrity of the University's academic programs and facilities that support animal programs
  4. Maintaining a safe campus environment 

Students who reside in a pet-friendly zone will agree to abide by the regulations outlined within our Pet-Friendly Residence Hall Policy.

Students interested in the pet-friendly housing option should review the full Pet-Friendly Residence Hall Policy. Still have questions? Contact us at