Donor Honor Roll

This report lists all donors to Delaware Valley University whose gifts were received between July 1, 2021 and June 30, 2022.

Ronald Alexander ’84 and Mary Jo Alexander

James Diamond ’61

Katherine Littlefield and Joshua Littlefield

Thomas Watson ’57 and Judee Wales Watson

Jonathan Mandell and Monica Mandell

Morton Mandell, HM and Rhea Mandell

William Achor and Catherine Achor

Anonymous (2)

Joseph Krauskopf and Caroline Krauskopf Gregg Looney and Mary Looney

Richard Millham

Leonard Tritt ’69 and Connie Tritt

Steven Alger ’77 and Susan Alger

George Ball

Donald Blew, Sr. ’01 and Karol Blew ’04

Thomas Debrowski ’72 and Vickey Debrowski

William Edmunds ’68 and Denise Edmunds

Richard Finkel ’83 and Maureen Finkel

Joseph Fitzpatrick ’61 and Nancy Fitzpatrick

Elizabeth Gemmill

John Gribb and Mary Ann Gribb*

Stan James and Jenny Ornsteen James

Rosario Licciardello ’74

Robert Meredith and Susan Meredith

Benjamin Rusiloski, III and Erin Vogelsong ’00

Hakim Richard Savoy ’90 and Lisa Savoy

Charles Smith, Jr.

Mark Uebersax ’70 and Kristen Uebersax

Janis Wozar ’88 and George Wozar

Majid Alsayegh and Mary Alsayegh


Charles Bernd ’64 and Virginia Bernd

Leon Bird ’69 and Bunny Bird

Robert Brown ’79 and Rita Brown

Joseph Fenkel and Mary Fenkel

Gery Fisher ’70 and Carol Fisher

Kevin Foster ’82 and Patty Foster

Eric Goldstein ’01 and Alana Goldstein ’00

James Harteis ’65 and Ruth Harteis

Patricia Hilton ’76

Thomas Kavanagh ’66

Kevin Keim ’68

Joy Levy and Scott Levy

Michele Marcolongo and Paul Marcolongo

Nealie Newberger ’99

Pamela Sander

Lance Sussman and Elizabeth Sussman

Carol Wendel and John Wendel

Richard Angerhofer ’69 and Jacquelyn Angerhofer

Robert Briedis ’87 and Ann Briedis

William Clarke, III ’74

Jerry Fritz, Jr. ’88 and Amy Fritz ’88

Donald Gordon ’59 and Marie Gordon

Robert Klein and Christine Klein

Joseph Kuhta ’57

Thomas Leamer, HM and Susan Leamer, HM

Kenneth Lipton ’61 and Carol Lipton*

Philip Luccarelli ’83 and Maryanne Luccarelli

William Peirson ’70 and Rosalie Peirson

Philip Reitano ’70 and Mary Reitano

Alice Ryan

David Scovell ’66 Linda Thudium April Vari

Carol Aichele and Stephen Aichele

Richard Allman and Janet Allman

Kurt Alstede ’85 and Mary Alstede

Scott Anderson ’80 and Susan Anderson

Anonymous (2)

Robert Blew and Lara Blew

R. Denny Blew ’74 and Joan Blew

Dominic Boffa

Crista Brawley ’01 and Patrick Brawley ’01

David Breidinger and Loraine Breidinger

Martin Brooks ’54

Karlena Brown ’12

Robert Byers, Jr. and Pamela Byers

William Camerer, III ’71 and Robin Camerer

Richard Carroll ’64 and Diane Carroll

Jimmy Cheek and Ileen Cheek

John Cimino and Karen Cimino

Ralph Cohen and Alice Bergman

Tyler Coleman ’16 and Jennifer Coleman ’17

Frederick Cope ’69 and Laran Cope

Charles Currier ’70

Marlene De la Cruz and Lee Snyder

Melinda DeCesare

Linda Detwiler ’80 and Michele Rabinowitz

Kevin Dolan ’66 and Valerie Dolan

Richard Dommel and Joan Dommel

Patrick Dorgan and Rita Dorgan

Andrew Dougherty ’00 and Kristen Dougherty ’00

William Dougherty ’69 and Elisabeth Dougherty

Peter Duane ’72 and Sally Duane

William Dunscombe, Jr. ’68 and Veronica Dunscombe

William Eisel, III ’69 and Lois Eisel*

Nancy Esposito ’97 and Fidel Esposito

Glenn Fahnestock ’76 and Beth Fahnestock

Raymond Funkhouser ’72 and Donna Funkhouser

Neal Gabriel ’72 and Kathleen Gabriel

Lawrence Gerber ’70

Robert Goodman ’71* and Linda Goodman

Robert Hahn and Joann Hahn

Mark Hartman ’58 and Barbara Hartman

Francis Heery, III ’95

Louis Hegyes ’70 and Kathleen Hegyes

Arthur D. Hershey and Joyce Hershey

Robert Hodge and Elizabeth Hodge

M. Peter Hoffman ’63 and Lorraine Hoffman

Matthew Jankowski ’04

David Kantner ’60 and Constance Kantner

Anthony Kaspariunas ’73

Emily Keggan ’01 and Shaun Keggan ’01

Julia Kelly

Michael Kiefer ’97

Christine Kindler-Cristiano

David Kipphut ’73 and Audrey Kipphut

Richard Knudson ’64 and Karen Knudson

Peter Kupersmith

James LaBaugh ’73

W. Dennis Lamm ’69 and Jean Lamm

David Linde ’60 and Elise Linde

William Long ’94 and Kathleen Long

Antoinette Maniatty

Gordon Mann, III and Sabrina Mann

Jeffrey Marshall ’00 and Taneise Marshall

Joel Martin ’67

John Martin ’70 and Kathe Martin

Mary Ellen Maynard

Frank McDonough ’70 and Kathleen McDonough

Rosalie McVay ’00

Bruce Mellott ’92

Dominic Montileone and Betsy Montileone

Andrew Moyer and Michael Raymond

Jerrold Mulnick ’61 and Linda Mulnick

Barbara Muse and Ronald Muse

Carl Nebhut, III ’83

Ira Niedweske ’74 and Jill Niedweske

Harold Nightwine ’63 and Nancy Nightwine

Kristen Olszewski and Jeff Smith

Amy Ordog and Stephen Ordog

Richard Osman ’74 and Ruth Osman

Gary Ostroff ’76 and Nadene Hausmann

Richard Palmasano ’70 and Margaret Palmasano

Kathy Payne

Brian Pedrow and Christy Pedrow

Robert Pierson and Alice Speh

Edward Plotka ’60 and Marie Plotka

Timothy Poirier

Dorothy Prisco and Sal Prisco

Kenneth Roux ’70 and Shirley Roux

Michael Rush and Jennifer Rush

Blair T. Rush ’91 and Tamara Rush

Nicholas Russo, Jr. ’85 and Anne Marie Russo ’85

Robert Sabol, Sr. ’63 and Elizabeth Sabol

Timothy Sempowski ’86 and Kristina Sempowski

Gerald Skoda ’63 and Rosemary Skoda

Dion Snyder ’69

Suzanne Steeley ’95

Edward Stein ’62

Jonathan Stein ’75

Roger Sternfeld

Joseph Stryjewski ’73* and Joan Stryjewski

Howard Suher ’75 and Lynne Suher

Craig Thatcher ’74

James Trainer ’82 and Mary Ellen Trainer ’84

Kwong Tso ’67

Samuel Webb, Jr. ’76

Jill Yost

Mileen Altier

Anonymous (2)

A. Ronald Attarian ’69

Shirley Baitinger

Randy Barfield

Ronald Bates ’81 and Teresa Bates

Lydia Berry ’77

Marren Berthold

Katrina Brightling

Kirk Brown ’62 and Constance Brown

Edwin Carlson ’68 and Margaret Carlson

Jonathan Cassel ’76

Kenneth Chubb ’71 and Anne Chubb

Roy Cohen ’78 and Christine Cohen

Cheryl Costella ’96, ’10 and Dave Costella

Douglas Coyle ’77 and Donna Coyle

Anthony D’Amico, II ’00 and Megan Kelly-D’Amico ’99

Warren Debnam ’70 and Amy Debnam

Peter Driscoll ’63 and Dianne Driscoll

Jean Dull ’83 and John Dull ’84

Marion duPont ’78 and John duPont

Melissa Eiseman

Ned Ellenberger ’71

Howard Eyre and Joan Eyre

James Feehan

Drew Fillipo ’81 and Susan Griffith

Howard France, Jr. ’76 and Sylvia France

Leon Furth ’59 and Beatrice Furth

Kelly Gartner-McGuigan ’99

Ronald Gingerich ’70 and Carole Gingerich

Daniel Gowaty ’72 and Nina Gowaty

Donna Heath and Daniel Heath

David Heebner ’64

Ricardo Hernandez, Jr.

Matthew Hostrander ’02 and Melissa Hostrander ’03

Kathleen Howell

Terry Jackson

James Jackson, Jr. ’59 and Nadine Jackson Donald Jones

Woo Lee ’66 and Lily Lee

Robert Lindemann ’69 and Pamela Lindemann

Barbara Livrone and Dennis Livrone

Ronald Luepke ’84 and Karen Plumley-Luepke

Dawn Lundin ’95 and Rowdy Lundin

Julie Merrigan

Edmund Mikowski ’78

Nina Miller

Ann Mossing

Cheryl Moyer and Peter Moyer

Robert Parsons ’63 and Loretta Parsons

Jules Perlstein ’74 and Harriet Perlstein

Arnold Radi ’62

Benjamin Rakus ’96

V. Jacque Roszel ’72 and Cynthia Roszel ’74

Edward Rush and Trudy Rush

Gregory Scott ’69 and Cynthia Scott

Donald Sechler ’71 and Carol Sechler

Lewis Seidenberg ’57 and Robin Seidenberg

George Sellers, III ’65 and Reed Sellers

John Shafer ’63 and Laverne Shafer

John Smith ’72 and Elizabeth Smith

Thomas Speakman and Carole Speakman

Lawrence Stelmach

Jeffrey Sternfeld and Henny Sternfeld

Karl Strohmaier ’77 and Rose Strohmaier

Edward Strzelski ’80 and Debra Strzelski

Henry Sumner ’76 and Kathleen Sumner

Gary Ulrich ’82 and Kathleen Ulrich

William Viel and Laura Viel ’18

Daniel Wickerham ’04

Deborah Yard

Ronald Zeiner ’67 and Margaret Zeiner

John Albrecht ’65

Anonymous (4)

Carl Bahnck ’68 and Kathleen Bahnck

Arthur Binger, Jr. ’58 and Catherine Binger

Kirk Bish

Susan Block ’91

Walter Bradford, II ’57 and Suzanne Bradford

Janet Brittingham

John Brown and Linda Brown

David Bubenheim ’80 and Debra Reiss-Bubenheim ’81

Stephanie Callahan ’99 and Patrick Callahan ’99

Norman Carpenter ’58

Tanya Casas and Raul Casas

Marcia Chiang ’96 and Andy Chiang

Frank Corbin, Jr. ’68 and Barbara Corbin

John Courtney ’98

William Curtis ’71 and Deborah Curtis

Thomas Dall ’58 and Patricia Dall

Patrick Davis ’16

Elizabeth Davis ’89

Charles DiCola ’72 and Ulrike DiCola

David Drews and Jennifer Drews

Samuel Eby ’64 and Leslie Eby

Douglas Edson and Debora Edson

Robert Ericksen and Joy Ericksen

Robert Fausak ’68

Eugene Finan, Jr. ’00

Jerry Fleck ’78

John Furphy ’72 and Penny Furphy

Thomas Gant ’86

Timothy Genetti

Lisa Gerity ’92 and Greg Dolce

Joseph Gilbert ’80

Joseph Grajewski ’84 and Tracy Grajewski

Gregory Hinderliter ’98 and Andrea Hinderliter Tracy

Hoover ’82 and Ronald Hoover ’83

Steven Horvath ’19

John Howell, Jr. ’66 and Nancy Howell

Chung Huang ’67 and Susan Huang

Philip Iannuzzi, Jr. ’20 and Maria Iannuzzi

Timothy Ireland ’85 and Lynda Ireland

Kathleen Jones ’82 and H. Steven Jones ’82

Pierre Kellum ’12

Warren Kimmel ’70 and Carol Kimmel

Thomas Kruk ’59

Nancy Larder

Andrew Law ’67 and Diane Law

George Leonhardt, Jr. ’63 and Sally Leonhardt

Tyler Maclellan

Emory Markovic ’60 and Joan Markovic

Rachel Mauer and Craig Mauer

Gale Mays ’99

David McCullough ’72 and Mary McCullough

James McHenry ’98 and Linda McHenry Glenn

Michalak ’79, ’06 and Cathy Michalak

Emily Miller ’07, ’15 and Scott Miller

Michael Molchan ’10

Alex Moyer

Dale Moyer ’76 and Stacey Moyer

James Parsons ’82 and Judith Parsons ’84

William Pearson, III ’70 and Doris Pearson

Robert Pitzschler ’62

Ruthanne Porter

Jennifer Price ’96 and George Price

Stanley Rane ’78

Katherine Reilly

Stephen Rieks

Patricia Rissinger ’82

James Robinson

Arthur Ruediger ’91 and Elizabeth Wetzler

Steven Saxe ’00

Quentin Schlieder, Jr. ’70

Thomas Sexton ’64 and Dorothy Sexton

Svetlana Shkitko

Victoria Simpson ’87 and Geoffrey Simpson ’87

Thomas Snell ’78 and Nancy Snell

David Spinella ’67 and Janice Spinella

Brian Steager ’71 and Claire Steager

Irving Stein and M. Lynn Myers

Beryl Stine and Joseph Stine

John Stoeckel and Julianna Stoeckel

Kevin Stout ’85

Daniel Szinyei

Thomas Taylor

Joseph Theesfeld, Jr. ’75 and Barbara Theesfeld

James Thompson, Jr. ’80

Amy Tomes ’97 and Jason Tomes

Joann Trainer

Thomas Tylor

Nancy Walt

Steven Weiman ’75 and Nancy Weiman

Dennis Werner ’78 and Dana Werner

Henry Wetzel, Jr. ’67 and Linda Wetzel

Barbara Winter

Charles Wira ’62 and Madelyn Wira

Frank Wolfgang and Joan Wolfgang

Robert Yapsuga and Sharon Yapsuga

Lisa Yard and John Yard

Kenneth Zanzalari ’84 and Susan Zanzalari

Matt Zebertavage

David Alff ’75 and Lorraine Alff

Franklin Allaire ’00

Janet Almquist ’00 and Phil Almquist

Michael Ammerman and Katherine Ammerman

Mark Anderson and Cheryll Dearborn

Lydia Anderson-Dearborn ’21

Mary Angebranndt ’83

Anonymous (4)

Roslyn Arnold

Gregory Bair ’89

Morton Ballin ’50 and Mary Ballin

Roland Barge, Jr. ’56 and Mariann Barge

Ann Bastian ’89

Rodney Bates ’82 and Linda Bates

Robert Bayda ’67 and Sandra Bayda

Frederick Beach, Jr. ’72

Thomas Beal ’02 and Allison Beal ’01

Cindy Begg

Bradley Beidel ’82 and Susan Beidel ’83

Edward Bettigole

David Billings ’64 and Phyllis Billings

David Bini ’83 and Joanne Bini

Scott Birch ’80 and Melinda Birch

Susan Blazer ’11

John Bloomfield ’79

Jacquelyn Boileau ’20, ’21

Daniel Borchardt ’94

Eleanor Boyle ’75

James Brady, Jr. ’86 and Dawn Brady

Michael Breining ’84 and Jennifer Breining ’85

Dale Brenneman ’67 and Barbara Brenneman

Nan Brey*

Brent Bromiley ’03

Richard Brooks ’75

Kate Brown

Edgar Brown, III ’65 and Barbara Brown

Alan Bryant ’72 and Stefania Bryant

James Bryson ’13

Jennifer Burton

Joseph Cairone and Donna Cairone

Elizabeth Carpenter

John Casella ’83 and Sandra Felch

Maureen Casey

Eileen Cearfoss and Dale Cearfoss

W. Jay Chamberlin ’76 and Linda Chamberlin

Thomas Chambers and Jane Chambers

Robert Chambers ’84 and Jan Chambers

Sharon Chapman ’91

Dennis Chonko ’70 and Nancy Chonko

Rebecca Chrencik

Donald Claycomb ’62 and Marlene Claycomb

Elizabeth Claypoole ’84

L. K. Clayton ’66 and Kris Clayton

Timothy Coleman ’03

Cynthia Conwell ’80 and James Conwell

Walter Cooper ’85

Winfred Cowgill, Jr. ’74

Hannah Coyle ’16

Richard Craven ’13

John Criswell ’59 and Lynda Criswell

Elizabeth Crooke

Gwen Cryan ’79 and Gregory Cryan

W. Thomas Currey, Jr. ’65 and Bonnie Currey

Joanne DaCunha ’86 and Daniel DaCunha ’74

Deborah Dailey

Ronald Dalrymple ’65 and Waltraud Dalrymple

Donald Develin ’69 and Ruth Develin

Shannon Diallo

Charlene Dickens ’03 and Matthew Dickens Robert Diffin ’06

Kristen Dion ’02

Franklin Dippery and Sandra Dippery

Paul Dippery ’97

Jacqueline DiTore and Bob DiTore

Craig Dobson ’84 and Rebecca Dobson

Darl Dodson ’68 and Marsima Dodson

Sarah Dohle

John Dolan ’58 and Priscilla Dolan

Ann Drobner ’86

Roberta Dudas

John Dunn ’65 and Catherine Dunn

John Eckstine, Jr. ’68 and Patricia Eckstine

William Eick ’67 and Sally Eick

R. Kirby Ellis ’74 and Joanne Ellis

Allison Elzer ’99

William Engelke, III ’81

John Fallon ’74 and Donna Fallon

Lindsey Fandozzi ’02, ’07 and Steve Fandozzi

David Farrar ’72 and Donna Farrar

Elizabeth Fetzer-Fierce ’99 and Steven Fierce

Conrad Fisher ’64 and Bonnie Fisher

Stephen Flavell ’04

Edward Flosdorf and Linda Flosdorf

Ronald Forst and Judith Forst

Maryann Fox

Jerome Frecon ’66 and Alice Frecon

Daniel Freed ’89

Tarrah Freund ’19

Evan Fritz ’16 and Erin Fritz

Edward Funkhouser ’67 and Norma Funkhouser

Richard Funt ’68 and Shirley Funt

George Futterknecht ’78 and Helen Futterknecht

Catherine Fyock ’02

Robert Gaidosh ’70 and Amelia Gaidosh

Ronald Garbutt

Bryanna Garnett ’21

Scott Geller ’79 and Beth Geller

Christopher George ’19

Linda Gerhart ’03

Mary Giancarli ’81

Mary Gingras and Joel Gingras

Johnathan Gingras

Scott Glassford ’78 and Beth Glassford

Lynn Goldman

Donald Goss, Jr. ’64 and Maureen Goss Benjamin Green ’02

Roseann Greenberg ’82

Barbara Gregory ’80

Ned Guardenier ’63 and Barbara Guardenier

Maria Guerrieri

Daniel Guers ’72 and Joan Guers

Amy Gular ’01 and Lawrence Gular

Glenwood Gum ’72 and Gilda Gum

Gregory Haines, Sr.

Tim Hamm

Ellen Hardy and James Hardy

Susan Harrington and Keith Harrington

William Hartman ’68 and Christine Hartman

Robert Hausamann ’69

Donna Hayek ’88

Bruce Henderson and Cynthia Wallace

Ronja Henderson ’99

Ralph Herge, II ’81 and Eileen Herge

David Hershey ’91 and Jeannine Hershey

Carl Hettinger ’59 and E. Margaret Hettinger

Elizabeth Hines ’09

Thomas Hines ’73 and Maureen Hines

Robert Hirsch and Sylvia Hirsch

Wharton Hirst ’74

Richard Hodnicky, Jr. ’78

Franklin Hoffman ’87 and Jodi Hoffman

Chris Hofmann ’64 and Mary Hofmann

John Holcombe, Jr. ’60 and Carol Holcombe

David Holland ’64 and Patricia Holland

Leon Hoover ’69

James Hopps ’75 and Barbara Hopps ’76 Jonathan Hoxworth ’01

Reginald Hoyt and Laura Hoyt

John Hunter

Charles Iager, Jr. and Judith Iager

Robert Irving ’11

Robert Jacobus, Jr. ’74 and Jayne Jacobus

Philip Jarinko ’70

David Johnson ’66

Jennifer Johnson-Cicalese

Kyle Johnston

Delbert Jones ’72 and Johanna Jones

Donna Jorgensen

Thaddeus Kabat, Jr. ’73

Andrew Kadlecik ’70

Demetri Kangas ’93 and Stephanie O’Driscoll ’93

Maxine Katz

Rosemary Katz

Steven Katz ’61* and Gail Katz

Lester Kennett and Donna Kennett

Theresa Kerick ’80

Jeffrey Kerr ’89

Thomas King ’64 and Nancy King

Theodore King ’76 and Beverly King

Maggie Kingsbury

Bryan Kinsey ’76 and Denice Kinsey

William Kintigh ’75

John Klauder

Ronald Kowalik ’68

Pamela Kreider ’93 and Brian Kreider

Carolyn Krenos Bodnar

William Kronen ’65 and Carol Kronen

Richard Lamb

Nestor Lanas ’05

Thomas Lashnits and Betsy Bishop

Elliott Lasky and Bonnie Lasky

Sherman Latchaw, II ’69

Thomas Leamer, Jr. and Jill Leamer

Fawn Learn

Traci Lechwar

Alan Lehman ’73 and Patricia Lehman

Barbara Lelli ’80 and Joseph Lelli ’80

Barbara Liggett

Douglas Linde ’91 and Jessica Linde

Kyle Lindsay

Richard Lipman ’69 and Joyce Lipman

R.Gregory Lovell ’69 and Sharon Lovell

Margery Luce

Jeanne Ludlow

Brian Maddux ’97

H. Curtis Mann ’70 and Karen Mann

Joseph Marano, Jr. ’88 and Natalie Marano

William Marinelli ’79

Walter Mathewson, III ’80 and Janice Mathewson

Anthony Matteis, Jr. and Diane Matteis

Christine McCarty

Charles McCleary, II ’92

Sheri McCrork ’94

Robert McEntee ’71 and Patricia McEntee

Jennifer McGehean ’94 and James McGehean

Matthew McMahon ’87 and Stephanie McMahon

Lynn McMillan ’90

Leo McSherry, III ’90

Wayne Mehalick ’70 and Lucille Mehalick

John Mertz ’62 and Margaret Mertz

Annette Miller ’81 and Irv Miller

Albert Minutolo

Gail Mirabella ’91

William Moller ’87

Richard Moretti and Colleen Moretti

William Morris ’90 and Stacy Morris

Vincent Mustacchio

Matthew Mutchler

Christie Nase

Benjamin Naska ’96 and Tanya Naska

Donald Nelson ’96 and Andrea Nelson

Tracy Newman

Robert Northington and Marie Northington

Megan O’Donnell ’11

Michael O’Neill ’71 and Deirdre O’Neill

Roy Ortman and Bill Serrani

Kenneth Osterman

Joan Paaske

Denis Palermo ’67 and Carol Palermo

Beth Pandy ’76

William Parkhurst, III ’59

Edythe Patterson and G. Richard Patterson

Edward Pawlowski ’77 and Peggy Pawlowski

Danielle Pedrotty

Frank Penrose, Jr. ’62 and Doris Penrose

John Perrapato

George Perry, Jr. ’63 and Barbara Perry

Pauline Phillips ’13 and Michael Phillips

Denise Piazza

Mark Pierce ’77 and Madeleine Pierce

John Plog ’59 and Ellen Plog

Michael Pocceschi and Glenna Pocceschi

Richard Podulka and Lenora Podulka

Karen Poli ’99 and Chris Poli

Michael Pramick ’72 and Jacqueline Pramick

John Prickett ’66

Angel Quiles ’20

John Raffetto ’76 and Jennifer Raffetto

Bandhana Rana

David Ray ’78 and Katherine Ray ’78

Joseph Reback

Megan Reedell ’00 and Scott Reedell ’98

Timothy Reese ’03

Charles Reichner ’67 and Catherine Neil

Bob Reilly

Kathleen Reilly ’83 and Joseph Reilly

Bruce Reitman and Jade Reitman

Diana Resek and James Resek

Carrie Rider ’99 and Karl Rider

David Robbins ’11

Donald Rogge ’84

William Romberger ’83 and Kathleen Romberger

Melissa Roseman ’08, ’10

Sarah Ross ’08, ’16

Anne Rossell

Mark Rother ’99 and Jean Rother

Keith Rouse, Sr. ’89 and Bridgett Rouse

Thomas Rudolph and Evelyn Rudolph

Daniel Rupp ’84 and Susan Rupp

Madeline Rusiloski

Michael Rutherford ’84 and Pamela Rutherford

Nicholas Sacco ’74 and Joan Sacco

Kathie Sachs and Donald Sachs

John Salahub ’75

Caitlin Salamon ’11

Rachelle Samuel ’98 and Manoj Samuel

Salvatore Santangelo ’62

Alexander Saphos ’74 and Diane Saphos

Mark Saunders ’74 and Bob Thoman

Marian Schad

Marie Schafer and Tom Cockley

Peter Schatschneider

Rebecca Schatschneider

Gretchen Schatschneider ’99

Ruth Schlittler

Jack Schmidt

Linda Schmiedl and Gunther Schmiedl

Alan Schuetz ’70

William Schutt and Laurie Schutt

James Scott, Jr. ’76 and Carmela Scott

Richard Seidel and Jean Seidel

Elizabeth Shandor ’91

Amy Siebert ’05

Amanda Siegner ’08

Dorothy Silverman

Wolfgang Skacel

Danielle Skedzielewski ’19

Meg Skillman ’86

James Slizewski

John Slover

Jessica Smith

Laurie Smith

L. Ivins Smith, III ’70 and Joanne Smith

Kristi Solis

Bruce Sprague ’69 and Cherry Sprague

John Sprinkle and Esther White

Lucien St. Onge and Deborah St. Onge

Michael Staub, Jr. ’74 and Geraldine Staub

Alan Stein ’70

Austin Stoeckel ’18, ’21

Peter Stollery ’58

Barbara Stone Elia ’01

Jerome Stone, Jr. ’85 and Pam Stone

Gary Stromberg

Richard Swackhamer ’62 and Catherine Swackhamer

Larry Swartz ’86 and Christine Swartz

Ronald Swenson ’78

Donald Tantum ’70 and Mary Tantum

Rebecca Tassone

Andrew Taylor

Robert Taylor ’74 and Patti Taylor

Richard Terry ’84

Janet Thompson ’78 and John Thompson

John Thomson ’87 and Lynne Thomson

Barbara Timony

Steven Trostle ’84

Martin Troutman ’68 and Lois Troutman

Ruth Trubnik

Mark Tymes, Sr. ’82

John Ulshoefer ’62

Robert VanBlargan

Kenneth VanMeter ’86

Dario Veggian and Antoinette Veggian

Frank Vellucci ’81 and Diane Vellucci

Edward Vesey, III ’74 and Barbara Vesey

James Vreeland, III ’69 and Pandora Vreeland

Alvin Walker, Jr. ’58 and Carol Walker

Richard Walko ’82

Eugene Wallace ’70

Harry Walsh ’68

John Walsh ’97 and Elizabeth Walsh

Virginia Watts ’95 and Matthew Watts

George West, HM and Barbara West

John Whitehead ’03

Larry Widdoss ’58 and Karen Widdoss

Thomas Williams ’71 and Janice Hawkins

Raymond Wilson

Melvyn Wilson ’65

Mark Wilson ’76

Stephen Wood ’68 and Janice Wood

Walter Woods ’66 and Ann Woods

Douglas Wright ’83 and Alice Wright

Glenn Wyble ’75 and Janice Wyble

Linda Yingling and Bruce Yingling

Russell Young ’81 and Pamela Young

Thomas Zalasky ’74 and Barbara Zalasky

Christine Zeppenfeld ’94 and Dan Zeppenfeld

Richard Ziemer and Adelle Ziemer

Donald Abb ’65 and Marie Abb

Elaine Adams and Jon Adams

Wayne Almond ’72 and Anne Almond

Allen Andrews ’65 and Lorraine Andrews

Thomas Angell and Nancy Angell

Anonymous (10)

Betty Aptaker

Kristine Augsburger

James Bailey ’75

E. R. Bair ’70 and Lealynn Bair

Charles Balogh, Jr. and Audrey Balogh

William Bamka ’85

Brian Bannach ’82 and Lora Bannach

Dennis Barrett and Cynthia Barrett

Kimberlee Bartelt ’09

Larry Baum ’73 and Norma Baum

James Beagin, Jr. and Elizabeth Beagin

Laura-Lee Bearss

Perry Beem

Henry Behrend ’69 and Georgina Behrend

Robert Bennett

Gayle Berger ’75

Sue Bergman

Jonathan Berman and Samantha Berman

Glenn Biondi ’91

Asa Bird ’07

Brad Bittner ’90 and Nancy Bittner Katherine Blanchard

Keith Borchick ’01

Terry Borisoff

Louis Bosco ’80

Robert Bosenberg ’72 and Kim Bosenberg

Deborah Bossler ’77

Sarah Boyle ’13 and Kevin Boyle

William Boyle ’89

Richard Brenner ’69

Mary Bressler

Ronald Bronsweig ’54

Christine Buhalo ’19

Katherine Burgueño

Celina Burgueño ’16

Raymond Caraballo

Daniel Carr ’83 and Lisa Carr ’85

Donna Carty ’77 and Thomas Carty

Lawrence Cattarin ’98

John Chodur ’11

Peggy Cini and Carl Cini

Brian Clair ’03

T. A. Cole ’96 and Marissa Cole

Wendy Connuck and Eric Connuck

Harry Conover ’55 and Christine Conover

Willard Conrad, Sr. ’63 and Melody Conrad

Kenneth Cook and Kerstin Cook

Catherine Curley

Karen Dash

Michael Davis ’18

Patrick Day ’69 and Donna Day

Steve Day, III

Lucie Dean

Teresa DeCristofano

Stacy Dieffenbach ’02 and Craig Dieffenbach ’02

James Digan ’94 and Pamela Digan

Daniel DiGenova ’78

Judith Dlugosz

Francis Doheny ’70

Patricia Dollarton ’89

Anthony Donofrio ’88 and Chong Wong

Eileen Dougherty

Michael Downing ’79 and Maryetta Downing ’80

Marsha Dratch and Joesph Dratch

Katrina Eik ’19

John Elliott and M. Sharon Elliott

Annmarie Ely ’19

Harold Emrich, Jr. ’00

Larry Erdman and Janet Erdman

Turnier Esperance

Michael Esris and Elizabeth Esris

Maria Evans

George Everingham and Ann Everingham

Catherine Facchiano

Robert Fantom ’74

Brooke Farber ’22

Joseph Fasanella and Lucy Fasanella

Bonnie Ferguson

David Fetzer and Diane Fetzer

David Fisher*

Chuck Franklin

Marion Freiberg

Clifford Funk ’81 and Elizabeth Funk

William Gadd ’74 and Sarabeth Gadd

Jacqueline Gallagher ’76

Olivia Gardner ’16

Stephen Gershenson

Mitchell Gerson and Carol Gerson

Lisa Gess

Nicholas Giacche ’93

Jamie Gibbs

Jeffrey Gilmore

Charles Gimbar and Andrea Gimbar

Alicia Glenn and John Glenn

Kathleen Goelz

Robin Goldblum ’01 and Jeremy Burton

Allan Goldfarb ’62 and Miriam Goldfarb

Mary Grady

Susan Grady ’10, ’11

Sarah Gregory ’16

Jessica Gregory ’98 and Eoin Gregory

John Grice, III ’74 and Judith Grice

Harold Grim and Ruth Ann Grim

Denise Grunwald

Stephen Guth ’08

Lauren Haberland ’09 and Ernst Haberland ’09

Georgina Hagarty

William Hanczar ’71 and Deborah Hanczar

John Hauser ’74 and Carolyn Hauser

Tim Headley

Pamela Heffner

Richard Henne ’76 and Debra Henne

Sandra Hersh ’93 and David Hersh

Morton Hershman ’54 and Evelyn Hershman

Herb Hickmott, IV ’79 and Stacey Hickmott

Peggy Hinkel and Harry Hinkel

Lori Hoagland

Joan Hock ’05

Beverly Hoffman ’84 and William Hoffman ’84

Mark Holahan ’72 and Mary Holahan

Bruce Holck ’58 and Louise Holck

Francis Homa ’72

Karen Homay ’13

Douglas Hunt ’66 and Maureen Hunt

Kelly Hydock

Stanley Hyman and Marcia Hyman

Charles Indek ’57 and Evelyn Indek

Laura Isaacs ’05

Christopher Jermyn ’20

Joan Johnson

Kimberly Johnston ’95

Matthew Jones

Timothy Kaercher ’68 and Beverly Kaercher

Colleen Kampf ’09

Amy Kane ’83

Gilbert Kasirsky and Elaine Kasirsky

Kyle Kasper

Carol Kennedy

Jacqueline Kenny ’96 and Edward Kenny

William Keyser ’61 and Marguerite Keyser

Bryan Kinch ’94

David Kinsey, Jr. ’96

Paul Kiry ’68 and Charmaine Kiry

George Klein ’76 and Mary Franzoso-Klein

L. William Klementisz, Jr. ’66 and Donna Klementisz

Carl Kline ’72

Ralph Knestrick ’65 and Lenore Knestrick

Amy Kondrk and Mark Kondrk

AnnMarie Kotarba ’05

Robert Kowalick ’20

Marlene Krell ’96

Fred Kromm ’10

Bonnie Labowsky

Kevin Ladden ’13 and Jean Ladden

Craig Lambert ’86 and Bonnie Lambert

Jessica Lane ’07 and John Dowds

Alan Lang

Melissa Langston

Kathryn Leach ’76 and Joseph Leach, Jr.

Tyler Leon ’22

Karen Levy ’78

Basil Liakakos ’90 and Alice Liakakos

Stanley Liner ’70 and Betty Liner

Melana Lovell Gavitt ’07

William Lyle ’16

William Macht and Romaine Macht

Robert Mai, Jr. ’76

Michael Manno ’80 and Linda Manno ’82

Mary Mansfield

Anthony Mapes and Julia Mapes

Leah Marks

Christopher Marren and Maryann Marren

Eileen Martin

Diana Martinez

Anne Matist

Pauline McCloskey ’01

Carol McCoy ’85 and Mark McCoy

Brian McDevitt and Beth McDevitt

Sue McGovern

Patrick McNulty ’87 and Mary Jo McNulty

Linda Messa

Linda Mettler ’93 and James Mettler ’76

Sean Miller ’89

William Mitchell, Jr. ’67 and Barbara Schlachet

Scott Muirhead

Kelsey Mustacchio

Brenda Myers

Stephen Nathan ’92

Sandy Nestor

Sally Neuhauser

Andrea Nickoloff ’09

Jeffrey Novak ’80 and Laura Novak

Keegan Orr ’09

Gregory Pancari ’72 and Judy Pancari

Patricia Parisano

Anthony Parola and Lisa Parola Christopher Patzke ’96

Kathleen Pecic ’80 and Richard Taylor

Josh Pecinovsky

Pamela Pedersen

Elizabeth Perinelli and Philip Perinelli

Anthony Perri ’64

Thomas Perrotti

Kenneth Petersen ’92 and Christina Petersen ’91

Thomas Pheiffer ’66 and Susan Pheiffer

Teresa Phillips ’85

Alayna Piergiovanni ’08

Santo Podagrosi ’22

Dana Rawding

Evan Reese, Jr. and Rosemary Reese

Gregory Rich ’68 and Diane Rich

Bear Rigsby

Pat Rigsby

P. Scott Rine ’84

Edward Ritvo and Marie von Elten

Ann Roberto

Jacqueline Rogers

Barbara Romano

Larry Roohr and Betty Roorh

Paula Rose and Max Rose

Dennis Rose ’71

Beth Rossi ’02

Sandra Ruch ’01

Rachel Salera ’16

Melvin Sanders ’66

Joanne Sauermelch and Stephen Sauermelch

Bradley Savage ’02 and Manon Savage

Charles Scally, Jr. ’98

Carol Schimpf ’83 and Michael Schimpf ’83

Joe Schmidt

Rebecca Schreiber

Nancy Schuyler ’09 and Gary Schuyler

Len Schwartz

Marilyn Sclan

John Scordato and Kathleen Scordato

Richard Scott ’68 and Patricia Scott*

Lonce Scott ’97

Christine Seel

Marilyn Sell

Devin Seniuk

Stephanie Shain ’93

David Shapiro

William Shelly

Samantha Sherman ’18

Carol Shimkus

Ray Shipe ’74 and Peggy Shipe

Michael Shultz ’98 and Chelsi Shultz

Zachary Simmonds

Dorothy Simpson

Edward Sincavage

Timothy Sitarik ’85 and Anne Sitarik

Patricia Smith and George Smith

Mary Elizabeth Smith

Lindsay Smith ’12

Jennifer Smith ’90 and William Smith

Daniel Smoker ’88

Michael Sobczak ’07

David Spaulding ’63

John Spevak ’84

Tiffany Stasiunas

Diana Stein

Joan Stewart ’15

Jeremy Stewart ’17, ’20

Beth Styer

Michael Swartley ’89 and Jill Swartley

Patricia Talerico and Stephen Talerico

Kathryn Thomas ’76 and Peter Thomas ’77

Judy Trimarchi and Robert Trimarchi

Marion Trollope

George Tuttle ’68 and Corrine Tuttle

John Urbanchuk

John Van Vorst ’61 and Susan Van Vorst

Jennifer Vicari

Darci Visinger ’01

Jing Wang

Laurie Ward

Stephen Warshaw and Phyllis Warshaw

Kathleen Watkins

Jean Weber

Aimee Wilson ’03

Emily Wilson-Hauger

Barry Wintner and Gisela Wintner

Eric Wojciechowski

Robert Wolfinger ’82 and Susan Wolfinger

Rachel Yee-Horvath

Irma Yehuda ’80 and Eli Yehuda

Melissa Yogis

Alexander Young ’67 and Janet Young

Nancy Zirpoli

Anonymous (3)

Ann Bastian ’89

Marren Berthold

Susan Blazer ’11

John Mark Bloomfield ’79 Martin Brooks ’54

Joseph Catino ’57 and Betty Lou Catino

Harry Conover ’55 and Christine Conover

Frederick Cope ’69

Clifford Cortelyou ’68

Elizabeth Crooke

Raymond Cupples, Jr. ’64 and Bonnie Cupples

Joanne DaCunha ’86 and Daniel DaCunha ’74

Dennis DeSimone ’72 and Carolyn DeSimone

Linda Detwiler ’80

James Diamond ’61

Glenn R. Fahnestock ’76

Gery Fisher ’70 and Carol Fisher

Edward Fleming ’53 and Martha Fleming

Richard Haas ’58 and Shannon Haas

James Harteis ’65 and Ruth Harteis

Howard Hauser ’72

James Heckert, Jr. ’71 and Barbara Heckert Patricia Hilton ’76

Bret Hoover ’90

R. Wayne Hunt ’61 and Elfriede Hunt

Sharon Hursh

Kevin Keim ’68

Joseph Kentos ’84 and Jeanette Kentos

David Kipphut ’73 and Audrey Kipphut

Richard Kustin ’44

Lora Smith-Lago ’90 and family

Philip Luccarelli ’83 and Maryanne Luccarelli

Rita Marini, HM

Paul McFarland ’62

Joan Morgan

Harold Nightwine ’63 and Nancy Nightwine

Nancy Ondra ’89

Edward Plotka ’60 and Marie Plotka

John Reed Rodgers

Peter Rolland ’52

Mark Saunders ’74

William Schutt and Laurie Schutt

David Scovell ’66

Richard Smith ’68 and Nancy Smith

Trudy Snope

Thomas Sparks and Alice Sparks

The Edmunds Family Foundation

Joseph Turchi, Jr. ’91 and Risa McClymonds

Nikolas Urban ’02

Neil Vincent ’65 and Marie Vincent

Susan Ward ’80

Harry Weber ’56 and Betty Weber

Alta Management, LLC


Cranberry Growers Association Inc.

Avanti Ventures, LLC

Ballard Spahr LLP

Bartlett Tree Foundation

Bayfront Emergency Physicians

Bella Terra, LLC

Biondi’s Landscaping & Design

Boyertown Area High School Class of 1990

Breezy Acres Farm LLC

Breezyvale Farms, Inc.

Bright Funds

Brighthouse Life Insurance Company

Bristol-Myers Squibb Company

Bucks Co. Branch of Woman’s Natl. Farm & Garden Association

Bucks County Foundation

Bucks County Opportunity Council, Inc.

Camden County Board of Agriculture Inc.

Centerton Nursery

Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation

Chevron Corporation

Community Foundation of New Jersey

Community Foundation of Tompkins County Constellation

Cutts Brothers, L.L.C.

Dimensional Marketing, Inc.

Doylestown Nature Club, Inc.

Edward W. Blosinski Charitable Trust Eiseman Construction, Inc.

Ellis’ Greenhouse and Nursery

Erna & Isaac Stern Foundation

Estate of Charleen Mary Baker


Exelon Foundation

ExxonMobil Foundation

Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund


Friend-Lea Farm

G5 Agency LLC

Geddes Run Veterinary Associates GROWMARK, Inc.

Hanover Shoe Farms, Inc.

Haverford Trust Company

Henry Leffman Trust

Hormel Foods Corporation

Hutchison Family Charitable Fund Independence Property Services


Inventory Trading Company

Jerry Fritz Garden Design, Inc.

JJS Consulting Assoc. Inc.

Johnson & Johnson

Kimberly-Clark Corporation

Land O’Lakes, Inc.

Lee Rain, Inc.

Lehigh Valley Community Foundation

Louis Vederman Trust

Merck & Company, Incorporated

Mer-Man Swimming Pool Services Mid-Coast Growers

Monmouth County Board of Agriculture

National Satellite Inc.

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Co.

Netcong Village Florist

New Jersey Farm Bureau

NJM Insurance Group

Office Depot

Ornsteen James Foundation

Parkhurst Dining Services

Pastanch, LLC

PennAg Industries Association Pennsylvania Dairymen’s Association

PepsiCo, Inc.

Physis International LLC

Quest Diagnostics


Reform Congregation Keneseth Israel

RiverSource Life Insurance Company

Romberger Farm Supply

Rossmore Private Capital LLC

Royalsil, Inc.

Samuel P. Mandell Foundation

Schoenfeld Family Foundation

Schwab Charitable Fund


Snell & Assoc. Landscape Contractors

Stephanie Kraus Designs

Super Scratch Championship

T. James Kavanagh Foundation, Inc.

Tamanend Park Herb & Garden Club

The Benevity Community Impact Fund

The Boeing Company

The Edmunds Family Foundation

The Hearst Foundation

The W.W. Smith Charitable Trust

Theodore H. Budd & Sons, Inc

Thoughtcast Media


Tri State Biomedical

Turf Equipment and Supply Company, LLC

Ultimate Heery Plant Health, LLC

Univest Bank and Trust Co.

Univest Foundation

Vanguard Charitable

Vanguard Community Fund


York Ag Products, Inc.

Vincent Aloyo


Maggi Ruth Boyer

Justin Brouse

Evelyn Brown

Jean Chamberlain

Wendy Chellis

Patricia Corr

James Diamond ’61 Sharon Donnelly

Lori Dorwart

Paul Gannon

Donna Jorgensen

Robert Meredith and Susan Meredith

Joe Niego

Barrie Saias ’20

Tiffany Stasiunas

Thomas Taylor

William Vandervort

Christopher Walter

Robert Berthold

Raymond L. Blew ’52

Don Richard Borisoff ’93

Audrey A. Bostwick

William E. Brightcliffe ’72

Walter Thomas Dowling

Joshua Feldstein ’42, ’52 and Miriam Feldstein

Theodore Fertik ’29

Donald K. Grim ’58

John Keller

William H. Larder ’51

Ronald L. Liggett ’60

Andrew D. Looney ’21

Mathew J. Mohlenhoff ’14

Jack S. Pernatin ’50

William L. Porter

Herbert E. Reback ’51

Raymond J. Samulis ’73

Joseph T. Scalese

Clayton Schannaur

Anthony D. Tassone ’75

Michael J. Trainer ’70

James C. Yard

Evan Augsburger ’19

Bryce Cannon

Donna Heath

Kimberly N. Londer ’19

Caitlin R. Salamon ’11

William Viel

The Class of 1974

* Deceased

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