Health & Services

The professional nurses and counselors who provide our health and wellness services have dedicated their careers to serving campus communities. That makes a difference when it comes to helping you successfully manage new responsibilities and challenges.

For most students, the move to college marks the beginning of full, conscious participation in their own health, nutrition and fitness – ready or not. There may be challenges in a new campus environment that students feel unprepared for, which is why, much more than simply responding when things go wrong, we do our best to nurture our students' ability to manage stress, balance work and play, make positive choices, and, when necessary, understand and navigate the healthcare system.

We take seriously our role in promoting the physical and mental well-being that underpins academic and extra-curricular achievement.

For those seeking hiatus and withdrawal information:

From time to time, students may need to take time away (hiatus) from the University for medical, mental health or personal reasons, or to completely discontinue enrollment (withdraw) as a degree-seeking student.

By policy, matriculated students must receive approval to leave the University. This procedure is designed to engage students in decision-making and solution-seeking prior to officially choosing to depart. The complete policy can be found in the University Catalog, linked here: Hiatus and Withdrawal from the University.

For a student considering departure, the procedure is to complete a brief form. Upon receipt, a staff member will reach out to the student directly to further discuss the request. The appropriate forms to request/discuss hiatus or withdrawal can be found here.