Why DelVal

There are many reasons that DelVal may be the right choice for you. Whether your dream is to become a veterinarian, a writer, a horticulturist, a chemist, a landscape architect, a zookeeper, successful in the food or agribusiness industries, or an entrepreneur in any field, we have the tools to help you design your path and realize your dream.

Considering DelVal? Wyatt shares his reason for choosing DelVal. 

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Experience Elevates Success

1) You will be part of a close community of students, faculty and staff.

From the first day, you’ll find our small, close-knit campus is a place where warm connections grow naturally. You will find a supportive environment on our beautiful campus with clubs, sports and community involvement. With our 14:1 faculty to student ratio, you will enjoy individualized attention and find mentors among your teachers. Additionally, The Princeton Review named Delaware Valley University to the 2024 "Best in the Northeast" list. The University has been named as a top educational institution by The Princeton Review for the past twelve consecutive years. 

Life at DelVal

2) DelVal graduates succeed in the real world because they have already been there.

Our Experience360 (E360) program is much more than an “internship” program. You will build your career from day one and throughout your undergraduate experience. In addition to classes and labs that take place on our 1,000 acres of living laboratories, you will have the opportunity to gain experience at Fortune 500 companies and respected institutions like Campbell's, the Philadelphia Zoo, Kellogg’s, Pepsi, The National Constitution Center, Wawa and Turkey Hill, to name just a few.

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3) DelVal offers unique programs that you cannot find at many other schools.

You can study agribusiness, food science, dairy science, equine science, small animal science and zoo science, to name a few. And at DelVal, you can work with animals in year one. Interested in business or the humanities? How about Writing and Literary Studies, History, Policy and Society, or Business Administration? All of our programs give you the same hands-on opportunity to graduate with experience on your resume.

Undergraduate Majors

4) DelVal offers a dozen “4 + 1” programs that allow you to earn your bachelor's and master’s degrees in just 5 years.

You can take courses in your senior year that count towards both your undergraduate and graduate degree, saving you time and money. DelVal offers 4 + 1 degrees in the Master's of Business Administration, Management and Organizational Leadership, Healthcare Administration, Agribusiness and Criminal Justice.

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5) DelVal is an affordable option and competitive with public school options for most students.

At DelVal, we are committed to making education affordable for students and their families. 98 percent of students receive financial aid, and the average scholarship/grant aid package for the 2022/2023 year was over $30,000. This number does not include any student loans.

Affording DelVal


We should probably mention our football team. Our Aggies are one of the top Division III programs in the country with seven Middle Atlantic Conference (MAC) championships. Go Aggies!

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