Experiential Education: E360

In recent years, “experiential learning,” or learning by doing, has become a powerful idea in education. At DelVal, we’ve been perfecting that approach since 1896, when our founder launched his school on the idea of “science with practice.” Today, DelVal is a noted leader in blending classroom education with hands-on practice from Day One. Because we’ve always understood the way it creates an indelible learning experience that prepares you for the real world.

What is Experience360?

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The Experience360 Program prepares students to solve problems, integrating classroom knowledge with real-world experience. In fact, 100% of our students will gain real-world experience before graduation. 

Delaware Valley University is one of the few schools to require experiential learning as a part of the curriculum. Our innovative Experience360 program integrates classroom knowledge with real-world experience, individualized to your major. You’ll build your career from day one. It’s an approach that delivers the results, and we have the data and the outcomes to prove it.

Our students begin building their careers from day one, beginning with a course incorporating professional development and problem-based learning and ending with the creation of a co-curricular transcript that incorporates experiences such as internships, study abroad, research and civic engagement.

These experiences make you more qualified for the challenges of the 21st century.

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E360 Resource Book

Throughout their E360 experiences, students will:

  • be actively involved
  • reflect on the knowledge gained
  • use analytical skills to conceptualize their experiences
  • demonstrate decision-making and problem-solving skills
  • gain real-world competencies within their chosen disciplines

Learn more about our award winning Experience360 program here.

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From Our Roots

In 1896, Rabbi Joseph Krauskopf founded DelVal with the conception of “science with practice.” For more than 100 years, DelVal has stayed true to his educational beliefs, all the while staying at the forefront of experiential learning. In fact, we’ve evolved his wisdom so that every student is required to take part in this program to better prepare them to tackle the most important issues of our time.

What’s In A Name?

Experience is the knowledge or skill gained through involvement in or exposure to an event or activity. Internships, student teaching, career exploration, research and study abroad are just a few of the activities that give our students knowledge and skills.

We’re doing more than focusing on post-graduation accomplishments; we are focused on the outcomes that occur all four years within our students – confidence, life skills, study abroad, internships, leadership development and civic engagement. We are helping our students to become well-rounded, global citizens – literally the experiences that produce 360 degrees of an individual.

Experience360 Activities

Experience360 activities provide active, hands-on applied experiences tied to specific academic objectives and outcomes. The program provides students with the opportunity to participate in real-world activities as a basis for learning and developing specific career goals and aspirations. By taking part in E360, you will:

  • Be actively involved in the experience;
  • Reflect on the knowledge gained from the experience;
  • Use analytic skills to conceptualize the experience; and
  • Demonstrate decision making and problem solving skills gained from the experience.

During your first year at DelVal, you will take a first-year experience course that will prepare you for the program and assist in your professional development. After that, a variety of opportunities are available to you.

  1. Each academic department has outlined requirements by major. Check out your academic department’s E360 Requirements (these are listed by major at the bottom of this page).
  2. Unsure of what activities you should complete? Look at your department's requirements, talk to your academic advisor or Chair and come see us in the CSPD.
  3. For overall policies and information about the program - read the E360 Resource Book.
  4. Looking for a position? Be sure to review our Job Posting/Company Verification Disclaimer as part of your E360 activity search process. Then view ExperienceLink and other websites for open positions, attend our job and internship fairs and networking events and make an appointment with an experiential learning advisor in the CSPD. 
  5. Register your experiential learning activity at ExperienceLink - check your student email for detailed information such as step-by-step directions and deadlines.

Experience360 Program Prerequisites

  • Must have successfully completed the Introduction to Experiential Learning or DelVal Experience I & II course
  • 27 completed credits for all activities unless otherwise noted. Minimum of 15 credits completed at Delaware Valley University.
  • Willing to participate in a work/learning experience
  • Be a responsible ambassador for DelVal to the community
E360 Activities

This course is designed to facilitate and support a student’s discipline-related experience. The Career Exploration Experience (CEE) is intended to provide the student with a meaningful experiential opportunity related to his/her major and career goals. The CEE serves as an introduction to or exploration in the student’s discipline-related field. Each student will establish measurable learning objectives for the CEE at the outset, as well as complete reflective assignments. The hours spent at the organization determine the number of credits received. The student must indicate the number of credits that they are pursuing on Activity Application Form.

Learn more about Academic Career Exploration Experience

This upper-level course is designed to facilitate and support a student’s academic internship experience. The internship experience is intended to provide the student with a meaningful experiential opportunity related to his/her major and career goals. The internship serves as an opportunity for the student to develop industry knowledge and gain additional skills in preparation for post-graduation opportunities. The hours spent at the organization compose the majority of time required for this course. Each student will establish measurable learning objectives for the internship at the outset, as well as complete reflective assignments.

Learn more about Academic Internship

The Leadership Development Program provides students with leadership knowledge and behaviors developed through a cycle of practice, reflection and integration of an expert body of knowledge. Students will complete the activity within the context of a leadership position within a DelVal student organization or athletic team of choice. The program includes completing a workbook in which the student identifies learning objectives, completes reflection activities and receives evaluation and guidance from direct supervisors and Office of Student Involvement staff.

The position: 

  • Must direct the efforts of a group of people working toward a common goal
  • Must be responsible for group outcomes
  • Must be engaged in relations with group members
  • Must spend a minimum of 40 hours dedicated to the leadership role over the semester
  • Must be supported by an advisor, coach or supervisor who can provide the leader with ongoing feedback and mentoring

View Leadership Development Policies and Guidelines.

The program includes completing a workbook in which the student identifies learning objectives, completes reflection activities and receives evaluation and guidance from direct supervisors and Office of Student Involvement staff.

The Community Service and Civic Engagement activities serve as an option for satisfactory completion of the Experience360 graduation component. Community Service allows a student to enact change with a community partner of their choice. Civic Engagement fosters student’s interest in areas of public concern at local, state, and national levels. The Community Service and Civic Engagement activities include a textbook and workbook that will be completed during the course of the student’s Community Service and Civic Engagement activity.

Learn more about Community Service & Civic Engagement

Learn more about student teaching!

Complete a research project that is supervised by an individual faculty mentor! This course culminates with a 10-minute presentation of your research project accompanied by a poster.

Want to earn E360 recognition for your study abroad experience? Learn about the options!

Experience360 Program FAQs

The Experience360 Program (E360) facilitates active, hands-on, applied experiences tied to specific academic objectives and outcomes as a requirement for graduation. It provides students with the opportunity to participate in real-world activities as a basis for learning and to develop specific career goals and aspirations. Within E360, students will:

  • Be actively involved in the experience
  • Reflect on the knowledge gained from the experience
  • Use analytic skills to conceptualize the experience
  • Demonstrate decision making and problem-solving skills gained from the experience

Each academic department has their own outlined requirements by major. Be sure you are aware of the program requirements of your specific major, available on your program evaluation or departmental websites.

Each Academic Department has designated requirements that are appropriate and specific to its field and industry.  Check your academic department's E360 requirements listed above for more information. 

We encourage you to participate in as many activities as you are able, as they will help build your resume, your network and professional experience. If you choose to register activities in addition to your departmental requirements, the credits associated with these courses will be considered elective credits. 

We encourage students to utilize ExperienceLink, a platform where employers post opportunities specifically for DelVal students. You can also network through campus events and faculty to gain opportunities. Department chairs are often a rich source of insight into opportunities. Students may schedule a meeting with CSPD staff to brainstorm options.

Academic Career Exploration Experience (CEE)

Academic Internship


  • Provides participant with an introduction to or exploration in a discipline-related field
  • Allows exploration of different areas of your field and helps you to determine an area to pursue as a full-time position
  • Eligible after completing 27 credits
  • 1, 2 or 3 credits





Determining post-graduation career plans by working or shadowing in a job related to your major.


  • Helps participant develop industry knowledge and gain additional skills in preparation for post-graduation opportunities
  • Apprenticeship-type position in which the student works under a professional in a career track that they wish to pursue
  • Eligible after completing 45 credits
  • 3 credits
  • Site Supervisor acts as a mentor

Training for the job you want after graduation.

Beyond the specifics of credit overload and billing, it is vital to consider your ability to meet the hours requirement for your specific activity, and your ability to complete all required coursework assignments in the corresponding E360 course. For more information on credit overload policies and costs, visit DelVal's Academic Catalog and select the Admissions, Expenses, and Financial Aid page. The Undergraduate Tuition and Fee Schedule is at the bottom of this page

Yes. While we encourage you to gain a variety of experiences, you may participate in two different experiential learning activities at the same site, with your Department Chair’s approval. You must identify new and different learning objectives for each. The job function for each experiential learning activity must display variety from the other experiential learning activity.

Yes, you can participate in two experiential learning activities within the same semester, but each must be registered in its own course section by completing separate Activity Application Forms. You must register for and complete the required assignments for both activities. Please contact the Center for Student Professional Development to discuss your unique case.

This means that their insurance coverage may not cover student interns or unpaid interns. The University extends liability coverage to students who are in an unpaid, supervised internship for academic credit. Contact the CSPD for proof of your coverage. 

Experience Activity Registration

Each E360 Activity needs its own Activity Application Form.  The registration process is through our ExperienceLink system. Access ExperienceLink and log in with your DelVal username and password. You will be added to the course associated with your activity after you receive all necessary approvals (Site Supervisor and Department Chair). At that time, you will receive an email verifying that you have been registered for the course. Directions on how to submit an E360 application can be found hereApplications must be received by CSPD one week before the term starts. All approvals must be received prior to the end of the add period. See the Registrar’s Office or Academic Calendar for deadlines. We recommend that you search for opportunities the semester prior to registration in order to plan out your credits. If you have difficulty with your activity application, please contact the Center for Student Professional Development for assistance.

When applying for your activity, you may indicate e360@delval.edu as the Site Supervisor e-mail and save the application as a draft until you can secure their email address. We utilize their email address to verify your position and send them additional correspondence. Your application cannot be approved until we have an accurate email address for your site supervisor.

The University offers a discounted fee per credit for students who choose to participate in the activity during the Summer or Winter term.  Students who participate during Fall and Spring semesters are not charged additionally for their activity unless the activity flows into overload credits (more than 19 credits/semester).   Non-credited activities do not require a fee. Information on fees for Experience360 are available from the Bursars Office.


The online course associated with each E360 activity is designed to enhance your experience and learning through reflective assignments, workbooks, instructor guidance and learning outcomes resulting in experiential learning. Students must be participating at the site while participating in the coursework to receive E360 recognition. 

Students will submit an E360 activity application on ExperienceLink for a specified term. The application will go through an approval process. The CSPD will initially approve your application, followed by the site supervisor and department chair.  Once the application is approved on all levels, the student will be registered for the online reflection course by CSPD staff. Students will be notified once registered.

Yes, all students complete some portion of the E360 program as the cornerstone of your DelVal education. You will learn about E360 program requirements in DelVal Experience II, and your activities will depend on:

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Information for E360 Employers
Work with DelVal Students!

Are you interested in having a DelVal student join your team? Learn more about becoming an E360 employer!

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Graduate with Knowledge and Experience!
The DelVal Experience Transcript

At DelVal, we offer a powerful combination of knowledge and real-world experience that sets our graduates up for success. When you graduate, you will have a DelVal Experience Transcript that captures your experiences during your time at DelVal. 

Contact Information
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