Reg Hoyt

Reg Hoyt, Department Co-Chair, Associate Professor, One Health Working Group Co-Chair, Delaware Valley University
Co-Chair, Department of Animal Biotechnology and Conservation, Associate Professor

Office Location: Mandell 123A

Reg Hoyt joined Delaware Valley University’s faculty full time in 2006. He has diverse experience spanning more than 25 years working in zoos and conservation. Through the University’s One Health Initiative, Hoyt helps bring events to campus that recognize the connections between the well-being of people, the environment and animals.

Hoyt has worked extensively in Liberia on projects related to the biological and socioeconomic impacts of the wildlife harvest and bushmeat trade. In 2006, he wrote an elephant conservation action plan for the Government of Liberia. In Pennsylvania, his research projects are focused on conservation issues and have included a captive breeding program to help restore populations of the Allegheny woodrat (Neotoma magister).

In addition to teaching at DelVal, he currently serves as president/CEO of Forest Partners International, a conservation nonprofit. He is also involved with conservation organizations locally, regionally and internationally, including the World Conservation Union, the American Society of Mammalogists, the Pennsylvania Biological Survey, the Pennsylvania State Wildlife Action Plan Advisory Committee, the Society for Conservation Biology, The Wildlife Society, and the Pennsylvania One Health Collaborative.


  • Animal Biotechnology and Conservation


  • Ph.D. student, Arizona State University,1990-1992, no degree conferred
  • Biology Post-graduate Coursework, University of New Mexico
  • M.A., Museum Science and Biological Sciences, Texas Tech University
  • B.A., Biology, Nasson College

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Reg Hoyt discusses teaching in the Department of Animal Biotechnology and Conservation at Delaware Valley University. 

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