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Giannina Lebo ’22 Gains Real-World Experience in the Counseling Psychology Field

Students observing a professional tend to a horse
Lyndsey Roi’22 speaks on her role in the 2021 Standardbred Horse Sale Company’s Annual Yearling Sale

Every year DelVal equine students participate in the Standardbred Horse Sale Company’s Yearling Sale. This year, on Nov. 8 through Nov. 12, DelVal Equine generated the largest gross profit the University’s Equine Program has ever made. Four yearlings were sold on Wednesday, Nov. 10. DelVal equine students are involved in the selling process from start to finish. Net proceeds from the sale go toward supporting DelVal’s Breeding Center programs. Read More...

Mayan Maize God Delaware Valley University
The Story of Hun Hunahpu, The Mayan Maize God

Student, Bridget Cornog '24, thought that one of DelVal's statues on campus looked familiar. She was right. Bridget has been learning about DelVal's well-known landmark that students know as "The Corn God" since she was a child. Discover a story of the Mayan people that dates back thousands of years, the story of Hun Hunahpu, The Maize God. 

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