Dr. Jaclyn Fiola

Fiola, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Soils & Environmental Science

Undergraduate Department 

  • Plant Science and Landscape Architecture 

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  • Ph.D. Crop and Soil Environmental Sciences, Virginia Tech

  • B.S. Plant Sciences, University of Maryland
  • B.S. Environmental Science & Technology, University of Maryland

Dr. Fiola is the Assistant Professor of Soil and Environmental Science. She joined DelVal’s faculty in spring 2023 and currently teaches several soil and environment science classes, including Soils, Soils Lab, Field Soil Morphology, and Soil Chemistry. She has also taught Introduction to Environmental Remediation and Soil Fertility.

Dr. Fiola has worked in many different aspects of soil science, from wetland soils to soil mapping to soil health. Her Ph.D. research was on vineyard soils and the effects of soil physical and chemical properties on grapevine growth and fruit quality. She is still actively involved in research and outreach for vineyard soil management, and has ongoing research projects concerning soil carbon and soil science instruction.

On campus, Dr. Fiola advises the Augering Aggies Club and coaches the Soil Judging Team. She advises Environmental Science students and has mentored multiple students in research projects and as lab learning assistants.

Additionally, Dr. Fiola holds an adjunct position with the University of Alaska, Fairbanks where she shares teaching responsibilities for the Alaska Field Soil Geography (“Arctic Soils Tour”) course that explores soils from Palmer to Deadhorse, AK. She also serves on the Pennsylvania State Conservation Commission’s Nutrient Management Advisory Board and is an active member of the Soil Science Society of America.