Karyn Baldini

Adjunct Professor

Karyn Baldini began her law enforcement career in 1990 in the 291st Class of the Philadelphia Police Academy. For the next 28 years, she earned several promotions and served the City in many diversified capacities ranging from patrol and investigations to police education and training. As an officer in the 19th Police District, she was the first female federally trained Community Policing Officer assigned to the Department’s inaugural mobile mini station, based in West Philadelphia. Ms. Baldini carried the lessons learned in community policing with her for the remaining decades she would spend in law enforcement.
Ms. Baldini spent nine years as a Detective, seven years as a Sergeant, and her final eight years as a Lieutenant. Several years were dedicated to the eradication of corrupt and unethical conduct as an Internal Affairs investigator. She spent her final years in the Department as a lead instructor in the Training and Education Services Bureau.