Sororities and Fraternities

Delaware Valley University has played host to fraternities and sororities for more than 25 years.

The DelVal Greek Community is currently comprised of seven chapters, which, combined, make up approximately 9% of the undergraduate student population. Each of these chapters is unique, but adheres to the 4 pillars of Greek Life: Scholarship, Leadership, Service and Brotherhood/Sisterhood. Faculty and staff advisors assist these organizations in their pursuit of these ideals.


Our fraternities and sororities take academic achievement seriously. In fact, all chapters provide structured study hours for their new members. Consistently achieving a GPA higher than non-Greek students, DelVal's fraternity and sorority community was recognized with the National Gamma Sigma Alpha Scholastic Recognition Award for the Northeast region of the United States.


In addition to academic excellence, these organizations encourage unique opportunities for leadership development, career networking and life-long friendships. We encourage you to think past any ideas or perceptions you may have from movies, stories or the media and check out fraternity and sorority life for yourself. You may find that fraternity and sorority life is quite the opposite of what you thought!

Things to Know

To create the most valuable Greek life experience possible, the Inter-Greek Council and DelVal have created some guidelines and policies for every chapter and their members to follow.

The four most important polices and guidelines are:

  1. Hazing in any form is strictly prohibited. No chapter, organization, club, or student should be participating in any hazing activity whether on or off campus. Please reference the DelVal Hazing Policy and Pennsylvania Hazing Law for more information. ( Punishment for student, organizations, and institutions involved in any hazing activities is severe and punishable under Pennsylvania law.
  2. Any student wishing to join a chapter must have a minimum 2.25 GPA and must maintain a semesterly GPA of a 2.25. Any student who does not meet the minimum 2.25 GPA can not join any chapter and any active brother or sister who obtains a semester GPA below a 2.25 is put on automatic probation. If an active member obtains a semester GPA below 2.25 for two consecutive semesters they are immediately suspended from their chapter and will not be allowed to participate in any and all chapter activities until their grades significantly increase. All Greek potential new members (commonly know as "rushes") and current active members grades are checked at the end of each semester. (Please note that individual chapters may have higher GPA requirements for membership)
  3. Because of the commitment of joining a Greek chapter any students interested in taking part in any chapter's new member education program (commonly known as "pledging") must have at least 12 credits. Credits are checked before any membership bids are given out.
  4. The new member education process (commonly know as "rush" and "pledging" activities) are alcohol and substance-free. Alcohol is not to be consumed at any new member education activity by any potential new member or active brother/sister; regardless if they are of legal drinking age.

DelVal is committed to protecting our students from any form of hazing. All chapters are required to submit a comprehensive new member program (pledge program) to the Office of Student Activities for approval. All chapters, chapter members and potential new members are educated on hazing each semester. Additionally, students are made aware of campus resources they can utilize if they believe they are being hazed or that others may be hazing.

Each semester, our community sponsors a one-week open house for students to come and learn about their groups. You may hear this period referred to as "rush" or "new member recruitment" During this week each chapter holds several weeks that include BBQs, go-karting, movie nights and more. We encourage students of all majors and interests to come out to these free events. This is a great opportunity to meet the members of each chapter and gain an insight into what they are all about. All are welcome, and there is no requirement to come back or obligation to join. We also encourage students to get to know the members of chapters outside of this week. The bond that forms the basis of brotherhood and sisterhood is process of time and hard to understand in one week.

The National Order of Omega was founded at the University of Miami in the Fall of 1959 by a group of outstanding fraternity men who felt that individuals in the Greek community should be recognized for their service to the fraternity system and the University. There are now over three hundred chapters in the United States. The Upsilon Chi Chapter of Order of Omega was chartered at DelVal in the Fall of 2006. Students involved with Fraternity and Sorority Life that have shown outstanding leadership abilities both on and off campus while maintaining an outstanding academic record are invited to join this prestigious honor society each semester.

Andee Fisher, Assistant Director of Student Involvement