The Learning Center


Our Learning Center at Delaware Valley University is committed to providing you with academic support through peer tutoring and supplemental instruction.

Peer tutoring is available on a drop-in basis via Microsoft Teams during the fall and spring semesters in select courses.

If you are interested in tutoring support, please consult the tutoring schedule which is available on myDelVal to see when tutors are available to help with specific courses.

In addition to tutoring, the Learning Center also provides academic support for students through supplemental instruction, a program of weekly, peer-facilitated, problem-solving and review sessions in freshman-level math and chemistry courses. Supplemental instruction is designed to proactively support students in historically challenging freshman-level courses and is currently a required component of Fundamentals of Algebra, College Algebra, Calculus I, General Chemistry I and General Chemistry II.

Anyone with questions about tutoring or supplemental instruction should contact Larry Arrington, Dean for Advising and Academic Success.

Larry Arrington, Dean for Advising & Academic Success

Office Location: Segal Hall, 2nd Floor