Marcom Requests

DelVal’s marketing and communications department has launched a new project management system to better serve the campus community. The new system, Wrike, is user-friendly and will allow staff, faculty and students to submit a request for design services, website changes and updates, social media and story ideas.

Request Forms

Please help us help you by submitting your project early so that we have time to do it right! Here are suggested time frames for various projects:

When Should I Submit My Job Request(s)?

  • Social media post: a minimum of one week in advance of posting date
  • Website updates/revisions: allow 7 to 10 days for completion
  • Digital or printed flyers: a minimum of 3 weeks in advance
  • Brochures/multi-page/larger projects: 6 to 8 weeks before print/publish date
  • A weekly email newsletter item: EOD on Thursday to appear in the following Monday's newsletter. 

Email requests and phone calls will no longer be accepted for project requests.

Whats wrong with Wrike?
Leyla Danis, Manager of Social Media and Web