Delaware Valley University to Implement Test-Optional Admission Policy for Most Majors

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Seeking to increase accessibility and expand educational opportunities for undergraduate students, Delaware Valley University announced today that it will implement a test-optional admission policy for the entering class of Fall 2020.

The policy applies to students enrolling in 21 of the University’s 29 majors. 

“This policy will give more students the chance to access a DelVal education,” said Tom Speakman, the University’s executive director of admission. “We know that standardized test scores are not always indicative of a student’s ability to succeed in college, and we’re proud to take action in recognition of this.”

DelVal cited several factors in its decision to implement the policy:

  • Standardized tests – such as the SAT and ACT – don’t fully represent a student’s ability to succeed academically.
  • Research shows the best predictors of college success are high school classroom performance and class rank. 
  • Unquantifiable factors such as character, determination, perseverance, and attitudes toward learning are also strong indicators for college success.
  • Students’ socioeconomic status can affect their performance on standardized tests.

University officials also noted that the policy reflects its new strategic plan’s commitment to “engage with those who will benefit from experiencing an education, not just receiving one, especially those who seek opportunities that help them meet their personal and career goals; value personalized learning opportunities, and embrace collaborative and active problem-solving.”

“Going test-optional is well in keeping with DelVal’s pledge to increase access and affordability,” Speakman added. “It goes hand-in-hand with our robust financial aid program.”

The policy applies to U.S. citizens and permanent residents. International students will continue to be required to submit standardized test scores. Home-schooled applicants will be encouraged to take either the SAT or ACT; those who don’t will be required to undergo an admission interview.

For more information and a list of majors that are not eligible for test-optional admission see