DelVal faculty member to present research at Educators Rising

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Dr. David D. Timony, assistant professor and chair of the Department of Education at Delaware Valley University, has been invited to speak at the Educators Rising International Conference. Dr. Timony will present his research on the impact of teacher expertise at the conference, which will be held June 24 through June 27 at Boston University. His presentation, "The Road to Expertise: Maximizing the Pre-Service Years," will engage participants in a hands-on analysis of teacher preparation programs in order to create context for promoting excellence in teaching.

"Expertise does not develop by chance. It is the culmination of several contextual and experiential factors that contribute to the building of high-level skills,” said Dr. Timony. “In the case of teaching, we have a great deal of influence on the trajectory towards excellence. Teacher quality is one of the most significant factors in student achievement and, for that reason, we must be committed to continuous improvement."

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