DelVal Students Connect with Donors at Scholarship Reception

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Dr. Benjamin Rusiloski is holding a microphone while addressing a crowd of people seated at round tables.
Credit: Delaware Valley University.

“To know that someone wants me to succeed and wants to contribute to my education is extremely encouraging."

On Thursday, March 31, Delaware Valley University (DelVal) held a scholarship reception in the Joseph F. Umosella ’63 Atrium of the Life Sciences Building, where students, faculty, staff, and scholarship donors mingled and enjoyed refreshments. Dr. Benjamin Rusiloski, President of DelVal, welcomed the crowd on Thursday evening with remarks of thanks and an overview of DelVal’s history in making education affordable for students. DelVal began as The National Farm School with six students who did not have to pay for their education, but this was not sustainable for long. It was followed by a commitment to affordable tuition and scholarships for students where needed. “We continue this commitment today – in fact our strategic plan calls for continuing to make education affordable for students,” said Dr. Rusiloski.

Rusiloski then mentioned that we’re able to continue this mission due to the generosity of our donors.

“Thanking our scholarship donors is a very important tradition at DelVal,” said Dr. Rusiloski. “We’re happy to be together at this event for the first time in three years to thank our donors and to give our students the opportunity to thank those who have helped make their education at DelVal possible.”

Students wore name tags with the names of the scholarships they received, and scholarship donors wore name tags as well, which allowed students and donors to easily meet and get to know each other.

Wyatt Hoffman ’22, a crop science student, has been awarded the E. Chester Heim – PA Farm Bureau Scholarship, the Bucks County Farm Bureau Endowed Scholarship, and the Lund Endowment Scholarship. Hoffman addressed the crowd with comments of appreciation. “These wonderful scholarships eased my stress, allowing me to focus less on how I was going to find money to pay for my education and focus on creating the best college experience possible,” said Hoffman. “Tonight, I am here to tell you that from all the students you have funded, myself included, we are forever grateful for your contributions and for all you do.”

Marabelle Burkert ’24, a dual major in horticulture and environmental science with a specialization in soils and land use, received a scholarship funded by Leonard ’69 and Connie Tritt.

“To know that someone wants me to succeed and wants to contribute to my education is extremely encouraging,” said Burkert. “Someone more experienced and wiser is gracious enough to offer a piece of their hard work to encourage yours. For me, that’s huge, and it’s something that I know will motivate me for years to come.”

Student Wyatt Hoffman '22 is shaking hands with a scholarship donor.
Credit: Delaware Valley University.
Several student athletes are posed with scholarship donors in the Life Sciences Building Atrium.
Credit: Delaware Valley University.
Student Tony Rago '22 is dressed in suit and tie and shaking hands with Jim Diamond.
Credit: Delaware Valley University.