‘When You Cut Me, I Bleed Too: The Impact of Racial Trauma on People of Color’

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Dr. Jade Logan, a practicing psychologist, will present on the psychology of racial trauma.
Courtesy: Dr. Jade Logan. Dr. Jade Logan, a licensed and board-certified clinical psychologist.

Dr. Jade Logan, a psychologist, will provide a public, virtual presentation on the impacts of racial trauma on March 23.

Dr. Jade Logan, a licensed and board-certified clinical psychologist, will present, “When You Cut Me, I Bleed Too: The Impact of Racial Trauma on People of Color,” on Tuesday, March 23 from 6 to 8 p.m. The virtual presentation is being offered by Delaware Valley University’s Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology Speaker Series and the School of Business and Humanities.

The workshop will explore the historical and political underpinnings of racism and classism and how communities and people of color are impacted. Dr. Logan will introduce the concept of racial trauma and explore its impact on individuals and communities.

In addition to being a practicing clinical psychologist, Dr. Logan and has been a diversity trainer and educator for more than 10 years. Her client base is primarily Black women and her areas of clinical expertise include PTSD related to sexual trauma and intimate partner violence, traumatic stress due to issues of racism and oppression, anxiety and mood disorders, relationship issues, substance abuse, gender identity, and women’s issues. She has provided support groups for women of color who are coping with the stressors of working and/or being educated in predominately white work and school environments. Dr. Logan uses a holistic approach to understand how her clients’ presenting concerns impact their overall well-being.


For more information and, to register, please visit delval.edu/events. All are welcome. There is no cost to attend. The Zoom link will be emailed to participants before the presentation. If you have questions about the event, please email Lisa Schell at lisa.schell@delval.edu.