Core Values

Our Six Core Values

Respect All People

Our community serves all stakeholders with care and dignity. We are intensely focused on both the welfare and growth of each of our students, and we support their development as global citizens who achieve meaningful success in their careers and in their lives.

Value the World of Ideas and Differences

Our community recognizes the necessity of cultivating curiosity and honoring diversity. We engage with ideas that challenge us and with people different from ourselves, showing deep respect for diverse points of view and backgrounds.

Pursue Excellence

As an institution dedicated to teaching and learning, we are committed to seeking excellence in all we do in academics, student life, and all support services, which leads to life-changing educational experiences. We live in a learning environment that nurtures scholarship, imagination and creativity, and embraces innovation and change, allowing each one of us and our whole community to thrive in a challenging world.

Live Each Day with Integrity

As stewards of our institution’s greater good, we are individually accountable for each of our commitments, taking the right path over the expedient one. We stand up for what is right, for ourselves, for others, and for the natural world.

Teach, Learn and Serve with Passion and Commitment

Our community creates an environment in which educating our students and serving our constituencies are responsibilities we embrace with passion and commitment.

Act as One Learning Community with One Purpose

We practice higher education as a team – we are all invested in one another’s success and intend to make a difference in the world!