Equine Massage Therapy Certification

Explore a career in equine massage therapy.

Whether you are interested in starting a career in equine massage or already in the field and wish to add certification to your credentials, this one weekend per month course will blend pedagogy with experiential learning to cover critical aspects of this discipline, leading to certification in the area. Structured as a five-hour per session Saturday and Sunday course, you will begin with an examination of equine anatomy and musculature and proceed to basic hands-on techniques to understand common conditions and pathologies. Several field trips are part of the program, including visits to local horse barns. Case studies and presentations will be part of the final evaluation.

Saturdays 1:30pm-6:30pm and Sundays 8:00am-1:00pm.

Week 1: Saturday Sept. 17, Sunday Sept. 18
Week 2: Saturday Oct. 15, Sunday Oct. 16
Week 3: Saturday Nov. 5, Sunday Nov. 6
Week 4: Saturday Nov. 19, Sunday Nov. 20
Week 5: Saturday Dec. 3, Sunday Dec. 4

Topics will include the following:

  • 210 total hours of instruction, homework and research
  • Equine anatomy and physiology
  • Hands-on massage techniques
  • Pathologies of the equine skeletal and muscle structures
  • Alternative therapies and physiotherapies to include chiropractic, acupuncture, reiki, saddle fitting, stretching exercises
  • Identification of performance problems and corrective therapies
  • Business plan and marketing for the massage professional
  • Ethics, boundaries and business practices
  • Final written and practical examination

Textbook is included with tuition. This program not eligible for financial aid.  Payment plan available.

Course #PRD 205 002

Location: Delaware Valley University, Main Campus

Cost: $1,499.  At registration you will have TWO options: pay in full or two installments.

Instructor: Dr. Michael M. Burak, D.C.

Please address course content questions to Dr. Michael M. Burak, D.C. at michael.burak@delval.edu. Visit Dr. Burak's website.

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