Conservation and Wildlife Management Student Helps Animals at Zoo America

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Conservation and Wildlife Management DelVal

Mia Pertschi ’23, a conservation and wildlife management major, is not only passionate about helping endangered species, she also enjoys educating the public on ways to be proactive in saving them.

Recently, she accepted a position with Zoo America in Hershey Park as a naturalist aid. At Zoo America, Mia will be helping with general animal husbandry, including observing animal behavior, maintaining animal welfare, conducting education lectures, assisting with treatment for sick animals, and attending vet meetings.

Pertschi ’23 is president of the Dance Team and a writing center tutor, where she is thankful to make connections outside of her field of study. She is also the co-founder of a club on campus called Sisters in S.T.E.M. (SIS) whose mission is to uplift women in the science, technology, engineering, and math field.

“SIS is the biggest way I’ve been able to connect with women in my field,” said Pertschi ‘23.

One Health, a seminar series at DelVal, has especially helped Pertschi ’23 analyze her career goals as it brings speakers to campus to address a variety of health-related topics. As One Health helped Pertschi ’23 asses her career goals, it was DelVal’s dedicated team of faculty that opened her mind to the value of experiential learning.

“What's really cool, is that they don’t care only about success, but gaining hands-on experience; they really help us get a look into real-world experiences,” said Pertschi ’23.

After graduation, Perstchi ‘23 hopes to work in a zoo or large animal sanctuary, where her education in wildlife and conservation will be not just an asset, but a necessity.

“There’s a lot more behind the scenes than what the public sees. We make connections from conservation plans, not just animal care.”