DelVal Alumnus Transforms His Passion for Agriculture and Organic Gardening Into His Very Own Business

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Christopher Adams ’13, an agronomy and environmental science alumnus, started Eastbound LLC in 2019, a company that specializes in edible landscaping, building custom organic gardens, and organic lawn care. Adams ’13 is using the skills he gained at DelVal every day including soil testing, fertility management, and diagnosing plant health, to name a few.

Adams ‘13 chose DelVal because he admired the University’s non-industrial characteristics, and desired the opportunity to begin classes in his field from day one. He knew this was possible at DelVal.

“I fell in love with the small class sizes, small community, and the fact that you study what you’re going to college for from day one,” said Adams ‘13.

The most helpful part of his education was his Experience360, and he makes it clear that DelVal is rooted in experiential learning. As early as his freshman year, Adams ‘13 started gaining real-world experience by landing an internship as a cranberry harvester and researcher. Each year of his 4-year college experience entailed a new position, which he feels prepared him for working in the field.

“You’re learning a skillset that is hands-on,” said Adams ’13. “In this industry, graduates from other universities don’t have nearly as much experience as DelVal graduates,” explained Adams ‘13.

Adams ‘13 minored in horticulture, and was heavily involved in soil judging, horticulture society, and A-Day planning. Along with being involved academically, he was also president of the lacrosse club before lacrosse became an official sport at DelVal. For many years, Adams had plans of being a soil scientist. After graduation, he became a farm manager for six years. He started Beach View Farms when he was 21, which he managed for 3 years. He then went on to manage Sassafras Hill Farm for 3 years, and eventually became an agronomist before starting Eastbound.

“My passion for agriculture and organic gardening started when I was young, and has only grown upon college graduation,” explained Adams ‘13. “I run a microgreen farm and garden collective program and make plants grow for a living, and I couldn’t be happier.”

Eastbound LLC builds one-of-a-kind kitchen gardens and edible landscapes, offers organic plant health care and organic lawn care, all without the use of harmful chemicals. The company also offers a weekly microgreen program, where fresh locally microgreens can be delivered weekly right to your door. Eastbound LLC also supplies restaurants and businesses within Stafford Township in Long Beach Island, NJ and the surrounding areas. Learn more about Eastbound LLC at