DelVal Dairy Manager Honored at 2023 Pennsylvania Dairy Industry Awards

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3 PA Dairy Award Winners
Darrin Mayer (far left), Dr. Tara Felix, and Walt Moore

Darrin Mayer, Dairy Manager at DelVal won the Pennsylvania Dairy Service Award.

Congratulations to the dairy professionals who received this year's Dairy Industry Awards and were honored at the 2023 PA Dairy Summit! Three individuals were recognized at the 2023 Pennsylvania Dairy Summit, an industry-wide awards program that showcases leadership, stewardship, and excellence in Pennsylvania’s dairy industry. Darrin Mayer, Dairy Manager at Delaware Valley University (DelVal) won the Pennsylvania Dairy Service Award!

Darrin Mayer has served as the Dairy Manager at DelVal for 22 years. In DelVal's hands-on learning environment, Darrin’s staff consists of student workers with varying skill sets and experiences. A large percentage of those students have no prior experience on a dairy. Darrin ensures the dairy is primarily a learning laboratory for students. With these teaching responsibilities, Darrin also makes sure the herd is healthy, production is optimal, and the somatic cell count remains one of the top in Bucks County. With the constant change in people and students milking the cows, being able to maintain these high standards while building a positive learning environment is a significant accomplishment.

Darrin not only trains college students in basic farm management through practical, hands-on application on the University’s dairy farm, but he also teaches several Dairy Science courses that cover dairy systems and management, dairy software, husbandry techniques, and Artificial Insemination techniques. Bringing fresh perspective and boots-on-the-ground experience, Darrin has helped redesign the University’s dairy curriculum to match today’s changing industry by including more business courses while maintaining the hands-on learning aspect. He is actively involved in the local dairy community by offering advice, sharing research for problems they may encounter, and educating and promoting the dairy industry through local events and at the PA Farm Show each year. 

With a love for talking to people and students, Darrin wishes nothing but success for his students in the dairy industry or agriculture field. His philosophy for success is to provide the resources necessary to provide hands-on experience with modern dairy equipment and management practices while maintaining optimum production and herd health and producing a quality product in a profitable manner. 

“I really enjoy training, educating, and helping anyone involved with the dairy industry to be the best versions of themselves and make a positive impact in the agriculture industry as a whole," said Mayer. "I strive to keep updated on the newest technology in the industry and implement it whenever possible."

Sourced from the Center for Dairy Excellence - read more here.