DelVal Has Embraced New Freight Farm Technology on Campus

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Parker Kilkenny using freight farm technology - delaware valley university

DelVal has embraced new Freight Farm technology on campus thanks to the generous support of URBN, Terrain, Twin Silo Farms and Delaware Valley University.

This new farming concept utilizes an enclosed freight container to grow vegetables vertically through hydroponics. The advantage is that the freight container will deliver the equivelent of four acres of tillable farmland in one container over the course of a year. DelVal will initially grow greens that will be served at Terrain’s Café and the event venue, Terrain Gardens, as well as, DelVal’s dining hall on campus and both the student-run farmers market at the Roth Center for Sustainable Agriculture and DelVal’s new Farm Stand at Terrain. “We are excited to have this new technology on campus for our students to learn about these alternative high tech farming practices,” said Dr. Broc Sandelin, dean of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences. “It is cutting edge and has major implications for substantially increasing food production in small spaces, and for bringing fresh foods to food deserts that have little or no access to these healthy and fresh food options.”