DelVal Transfer Secondary Education Alumnus Has Hopes of Making a Lasting Difference in the Lives of Students

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Nick Eberhardt ’21 graduated from the Secondary Education English program at Delaware Valley University (DelVal). While attending Bucks County Community College, Eberhardt was tasked with finding a school to transfer to that would accept most of his credits already earned at Bucks. Not only did DelVal fill that role, but it also gave him the confidence that he would be a valued member of a passionate community and not just a number.

This semester, Eberhardt will be "guest teaching" for a 9th grade English course at School Lane Charter School as part of the application process for becoming an English teacher. This affords Nick the opportunity to show the principal, and other school officials, how he handles lesson planning, instructing a course, and connecting with students, along with the many intangibles that come with teaching.

DelVal provided Nick with the necessary coursework to continue to develop his knowledge of the content associated with the English curriculum, and flexibility to choose which school district he would like to complete his student teaching at. Nick chose the Council Rock School District and was placed at Council Rock High School South. After his student teaching stint at Council Rock South, he earned his first paid position in the field of education when he was hired as a Building Substitute at Central Bucks High School West.

“While at DelVal, and in my guest teaching role, I had a great experience where I was able to develop as an educator, but also be positioned to pursue English teaching jobs,” said Eberhardt.

He describes the profession of teaching as one where multi-tasking and professionalism is essential. Nick explains, “Some of the specific tasks that I complete are taking attendance, implementing classroom procedures/rules that align with the school where I am working, the grading of assignments, including lengthy research papers, and relationship building with coworkers, students, and parents. I enjoy teaching because I want to take my unique academic and life experiences and share them with current and upcoming generations of students. Basically, I want to make a purposeful and, hopefully, lasting difference in the lives of students.”

Some of Nick’s favorite experiences at DelVal included the opportunity to have meaningful conversations with English and education professors like Dr. Brian Lutz, Dr. Tony LaSalle, and Dr. Timony. Dr.Lutz’s real-life experiences and relatability resonated with Nick, as well as his knowledge of literature and writing. His approachable nature is what made it easy for Nick to connect with him. Since graduating, Nick has visited DelVal to reconnect with Dr. Timony and Dr. LaSalle, who sealed the deal for Nick during his transfer process and continued to serve as mentors during his time at DelVal and beyond.

In addition to attending A-Day, Nick made it a priority to stay connected to the University, its professors, and his fellow classmates and graduates via social media and in-person.

“I gained valuable insights into the teaching profession and felt more prepared for my future career path. I enjoy teaching because I want to take my unique academic and life experiences and share them with the current and upcoming generation of students,” said Eberhardt. “As an alumnus, I intend to give back to the university by donating and helping to support current students.”

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