Dream Internship at Molson Coors Exceeded Expectations for Tim Weingartner ’24

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Weingartner spent a summer at Molson Coors’ pilot brewery in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and walked away with clarity and confidence ahead of his senior year at DelVal.

Tim Weingartner ’24, a food technology major at DelVal, spent last summer in Milwaukee, Wisconsin working in the pilot brewery at Molson Coors headquarters. He saw the job posting on LinkedIn and immediately applied, knowing that this was an opportunity he could not pass up. Weingartner was one of about 30 interns selected for the program in Milwaukee.

Weingartner, who was featured on an episode of The Chef’s Kitchen: College Campus Cooking, spent a year in culinary school before transferring to DelVal. His decision to transfer stemmed from a desire to explore the science and research and development side of the food and beverage industry and the generous transfer package he received. The pilot brewery is where Molson Coors carries out R&D for new products. In his role as a beverage research and development intern, Weingartner worked with various beverage lines, from seltzers and nonalcoholic beers to some of the more popular products like Blue Moon. He also participated in sensory testing, a process in which the brewery invites industry professionals to sample and evaluate new products in preparation for production.

One aspect he cherished most about the job was the people he encountered. “I’ve never met so many different people passionate about the same thing working together,” Weingartner expressed. “There were a lot of people that were chefs who switched [industries], so to see things full circle and to see professionals with a similar career path as me was very cool.”

Before he knew he would venture into the beer industry, Weingartner had an opportunity to work handson with the product as part of his curriculum at DelVal. During one of his courses, students crafted their own beer, and Weingartner drew from this experience, along with his chemistry coursework, in his interviews with Molson Coors, which he believes played a pivotal role in securing the internship. While at DelVal, he also completed internships at Bakerly, a food manufacturing supply company in Easton, Pa and with Schreiber Foods, a consumer brand leader in cream cheese, natural cheese, processed cheese, beverages and yogurt.

With a well-rounded resume and a wealth of hands-on experience, Weingartner is confident that his credentials and knowledge will pave the way for a job he's passionate about upon his graduation in May 2024.