A Passion for the Field of Large Animal Science Meets a Passion for the Military Community

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Alexandria is holding a baby cow in a truck.

Alexandria Walden ’22 is a dairy science alumna and transfer with her associate's in Veterinary Technology from YTI Career Institute. She is also currently a graduate student in Master's of Management and Organizational Leadership program. She recently received and accepted an offer from University of Tennessee Center of Veterinary Medicine (UTCVM) as their Large Animal Veterinary Nurse. In her role, she will medically assess and treat large animals, which include mainly bovine, equine, camelids, and porcine.

Hands-on learning, and the support of the faculty are her most treasured memories at DelVal. Walden notes Joanne Powell, Instructor of Animal Science, and Co-Chair of the Animal Science Department, as monumental in supporting her DelVal journey. After working as a lab assistant to Powell, she felt confident that she would be able to teach veterinary students in her new position at UTCVM.

"We became so close during my adventure at DelVal that she became a friend that I have treasured after graduation," said Walden. "I can even give her credit for my new career since I trusted her with my reputation that I named her as one of my professional references."

Walden hopes to pursue her ultimate career goal as a business woman operating her own farm/ranch that gives back to the military community, especially veterans and Gold Star Families. With a passion in large animal veterinary medicine and the military community, Walden is incorporating both into her future. After gaining experience with large animal medical care, she hopes this will be the stepping stone toward operating her own farm that gives back to the military community.

"Especially veterans (which can use the horses as equine therapy), and Gold Star Families (which can be shown they are never alone in their loss by offering them retreats at my farm)," explained Walden.

Walden received financial support from Special Operations Warrior Foundation due to the loss of her father, SFC Brett Walden. This support meant to Alexandria that she could fulfill both her and her father's dreams of her pursuing her goals in the field.