Reaching Above and Beyond: Opportunities with DelVal’s Honors Program

Posted on by Dr. Allison Buskirk-Cohen, Ph.D., Director, Honors Program

The Honors Program at Delaware Valley University has grown to include 125 undergraduate students! 

Students in the program complete Honors academic credits through colloquium classes that range in topics, such as Advanced Vertebrate Reproductive Morphology, History of Rock n Roll, and Ecobotany. They also complete an independent project that allows them to explore their own unique academic, vocational or personal interests in a meaningful way. For example, Parker Kilkenny ’24 led a presentation on hydroponics during the A-Day festival. She shared her expertise with the community, gaining experience in public speaking and education.

Outside the classroom, students participate in Honors Program activities throughout the year, intending to build community and educate students in a holistic manner. This fall, activities included a presentation on transforming the commercial fishing industry, a guided forest therapy walk focused on meditation, and learning about a family’s escape from Nazi Germany during the Holocaust. Through innovative programming, the Honors Program enhances the education of motivated and talented learners from diverse academic areas.

“The (honors) program has facilitated new friendships with other students and professional relationships with the faculty involved. I'm ‘honored’ to be a member of the society and encourage any prospective students that are inducted to pursue it.” - Parker Kilkenny ’24, Biology