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Harry D. Boonin
A memory of is uncle Leon Boonin

An orphan, my 23-year-old uncle, Leon Boonin, in Russia in 1911, brought his five younger orphan siblings to Philadelphia (their mother and father died within two years of their emigration from Russia). In 1913 he enrolled in the National Farm School although I do not think he fully complied with all of the rules of the day. I have examined his transcript for the three semesters he attended (The one thing we had in common we both had trouble learning physics). But he had to leave the school because he had two older brothers working to help the younger ones. He left NFS and bought a paper route in Atlantic City, New Jersey and, got married in 1916. Between 1940 and 1944, he wrote a long memoir of his life in Russia, but he did not write about his time at NFS. There is correspondence from and to him just before he entered at the library. In Russia, the family members were farmers.

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