125th Anniversary Scholarship Fund Donors

When Rabbi Dr. Joseph Krauskopf started the National Farm School 125 years ago, he was determined that no student be turned away for inability to pay. As Delaware Valley University we remain committed to delivering an affordable academic experience to students. Your generosity makes this possible. Thank you to all who have contributed to the 125th Anniversary Scholarship Fund.

List complete as of May 1, 2022.

Anonymous (11)

Mark Abissi '84 and Maria Abissi

Elaine Adams and Jon Adams

Carol Aichele and Steve Aichele

John Albrecht '65

Dave Alff '75 and Lorraine Alff

Steve Alger '77 and Susan Alger

Janet Allman and Rich Allman

Anne Almond and Wayne Almond '72

Janet Almquist '00 and Phil Almquist

Mileen Altier

Michael Ammerman and Katherine Ammerman

Inger Andreassen and David Andreassen '62

Mary Angebranndt '83

Nancy Angell and Thomas Angell

Francis Arnold '16

Charleen Baker '82

Morty Ballin '50 and Mary Ballin

Charles Balogh, Jr. and Audrey Balogh

Randy Barfield

Art Barillo '84

Cynthia Barrett and Dennis Barrett

Ann Bastian '89

Richard Baum '70 and Gigi Baum

Sandra Bayda and Robert Bayda '67

James Beagin, Jr. and Elizabeth Beagin

Janet Beagle '00

Tom Beal '02 and Allison Beal '01

Steven Becker and Nancy Becker '85

Don Becker '77 and Becky Becker

Bob Belz '76

Charlie Bernd '64 and Virginia Bernd

Lydia Berry '77

Edward Bettigole

David Billings '64 and Phyllis Billings

David Bini '83 and Joanne Bini

Asa Bird '07

Kirk Bish

Brad Bittner '90 and Nancy Bittner

Richard Block '57 and Verdena Block

Susan Block '91

Jackie Boileau '20

Daniel Borchardt '94

Keith Borchick '01

Terry Borisoff

Eleanor Boyle '75

Crista Brawley '01 and Patrick Brawley '01

Richard Brenner '69

Mary Bressler

Richard Brinkmann and Joan Brinkmann

Michael Brown '68 and Doris Brown

Kirk Brown '62 and Constance Brown

Karlena Brown '12

Alan Bryant '72 and Stefania Bryant

Christy Buhalo '19

Celina Burgueño '16

Bill Burns, Jr. '61 and Helen Burns

Joseph Cairone and Donna Cairone

Stephanie Callahan '99 and Pat Callahan '99

Lorie Carkhuff and Donald Carkhuff '69

Norman Carpenter '58

Dick Carroll '64 and Diane Carroll

Tanya Casas and Raul Casas

John Casella '83 and Sandy Felch

Jay Chamberlin '76 and Linda Chamberlin

Jimmy Cheek and Ileen Cheek

Marcia Chiang '96 and Andy Chiang

Dennis Chonko '70 and Nancy Chonko

Rebecca Chrencik

Brian Clair '03

Bob Clancy, Jr. '87 and Robin Clancy

Marlene Claycomb and Donald Claycomb '62

Roy Cohen '78 and Christine Cohen

Andy Cole '96 and Marissa Cole

Mike Connolly '83

Mad Connolly

Bill Conrad, Sr. '63 and Melody Conrad

Carol Constantinou and John Constantinou

Cindy Conwell '80 and James Conwell

Fred Cope, Ph.D. '69 and Laran Cope

Cheryl Costella '96 and Dave Costella

Robert Costello and Eileen Costello

John Courtney '98

Doug Coyle '77 and Donna Coyle

John Criswell '59 and Lynda Criswell

Gwen Cryan '79 and Gregory Cryan

Charles Currier, Esq. '70

Bill Curtis '71 and Deborah Curtis

Ronald Dalrymple '65 and Waltraud Dalrymple

Julie Darienzo and Duane Darienzo '98

Mark Dauber '83 and Denise Dauber

Linda Davis and Edward Davis

Marlene De la Cruz and Lee Snyder

Tom Debrowski '72 and Vickey Debrowski

Teresa DeCristofano

James Dell and Sharon Dell

Charles Dervrich

Dennis DeSimone '72 and Carolyn DeSimone

Linda Detwiler '80

Donald Develin '69 and Ruth Develin

Jim Diamond '61

Charlene Dickens '03 and Matthew Dickens

Chuck DiCola '72 and Ulrike DiCola

Laura DiDonato '77

Stacy Dieffenbach '02 and Craig Dieffenbach '02

Rob Diffin '06

James Digan '94 and Pamela Digan

Franklin Dippery and Sandra Dippery

Jacqueline DiTore

Kevin Dolan '66 and Valerie Dolan

Brunel Dominique '89 and Marie Dominique

Dick Dommel and Joan Dommel

Sondra Domsky

Anthony Donofrio '88 and Chong Wong

Holly Downs '79 and Charles Downs, Jr.

Roberta Dudas

Mary Duke

Bill Dunscombe, Jr. '68 and Veronica Dunscombe

Gary Eberhart '70 and Gayle Heiring

Samuel Eby '64 and Leslie Eby

Ned Ellenberger '71

Dawn Ellis '96 and Robert Ellis

George Else, III '02 and Diane Else

Annmarie Ely '19

Allison Elzer '99

Harold Emrich, Jr. '00

George Everingham and Ann Everingham

Catherine Facchiano

Jay Fallon '74 and Donna Fallon

Lindsey Fandozzi '02 and Steve Fandozzi

Robert Fantom '74

Brooke Farber

David Farrar '72 and Donna Farrar

Ron Fasano '93 and Michele Fasano

Bob Fausak '68

Diane Fetzer and David Fetzer

Steven Fierce and Betsy Fetzer-Fierce '99

Geno Finan, Jr. '00

Rick Finkel '83 and Maureen Finkel

Bonnie Fisher and Conrad Fisher '64

David Fisher

Ron Fite '69

Jerry Fleck '78

Joe France, Jr. '76 and Sylvia France

Mary Franzoso-Klein and George Klein '76

Evan Fritz '16 and Erin Fritz

Clifford Funk '81 and Elizabeth Funk

Dick Funt '68 and Shirley Funt

John Furphy '72 and Penny Furphy

Beatrice Furth and Leon Furth '59

Sarabeth Gadd and William Gadd '74

Steven Gala

Thomas Gant '86

Olivia Gardner '16

Kelly Gartner-McGuigan '99

John Geiger '71 and Ruth Geiger

Timothy Genetti

Linda Gerhart '03

Mary Giancarli '81

Joe Gilbert '80

Ron Gingerich '70 and Carole Gingerich

Marie Gleason and Edward Gleason '81

Daniel Gowaty '72 and Nina Gowaty

Joe Grajewski '84 and Tracy Grajewski

Benjamin Green '02

Roseann Greenberg '82

Jessica Gregory '98 and Eoin Gregory

John Grice, III '74 and Judy Grice

Clint Griggs '77 and Deborah Griggs

Maria Guerrieri

Joan Guers and Daniel Guers '72

Amy Gular '01 and Larry Gular

Glenwood Gum '72 and Gilda Gum

Lauren Haberland '09 and Theo Haberland '09

Georgina Hagarty

Stephen Halahan

Elsie Haller

Krista Harper, Esq. and Lee Harper

Alexis Harrell

William Hartman '68 and Christine Hartman

Robert Hausamann '69

John Hauser '74 and Midge Hauser

John Hawk '68 and Heidi Hawk

Lou Hegyes '70 and Kathy Hegyes

Linda Heitzman and Bob Heitzman '74

Richard Henne '76 and Debra Henne

Art Hershey and Joyce Hershey

Gisela Hill '81

Wharton Hirst '74

Lori Hoagland

Elizabeth Hodge and Bob Hodge

Richard Hodnicky, Jr. '78

Franklin Hoffman '87 and Jodi Hoffman

Roy Holcombe, Jr. '60 and Carol Holcombe

Frank Homa '72

Tracy Hoover '82 and Ron Hoover '83

Leon Hoover '69

Biff Horrocks, Jr. '74 and Susan Horrocks

Matt Hostrander '02 and Melissa Hostrander '03

Richard Houghton '72 and Marie Flanagan

Kristen Hovorka '06 and Robert Hovorka, Jr.

Kathy Howell

John Howell, Jr. '66 and Nancy Howell

Jackie Huben '10

Tom Humphreys '87 and Karen Humphreys

Nathan Hykes '15

Judith Iager and Charles Iager, Jr.

Charles Indek '57 and Evelyn Indek

Cheryl Ingram '93 and Gregory Ingram

Laura Isaacs '05

Al Jablonski '61

Jim Jackson, Jr. '59 and Nadine Jackson

Robert Jacobus, Jr. '74 and Jayne Jacobus

Dawn Jani '93

Bruce Jenny '68

Kim Johnston '95

Ted Kabat, Jr. '73

Amy Kane '83

Anthony Kaspariunas '73

Steve Katz '61 and Gail Katz

Rosemary Katz

Barry Kellner '69 and Mary Kellner

Lester Kennett and Donna Kennett

Jacqueline Kenny '96 and Edward Kenny

Terri Kerick '80

Jeffrey Kerr '89

Stacey Keys

Sharon Kilrain '80 and Clayton Kilrain

Thomas King '64 and Nancy King

David Kinsey, Jr. '96

Dave Kipphut '73 and Audrey Kipphut

Carl Kline '72

Richard Kling, Jr. '78

Laura Klunk '99 and William Klunk

Richard Knudson '64 and Karen Knudson

George Koenig

Chip Krauskopf and Caroline Krauskopf

Bill Kronen '65 and Carol Kronen

Tom Kruk '59

Cynthia Kukoly '80 and Randy Kukoly '79

Julie Kurz '06 and Blaze Kurz

Jim LaBaugh '73

Kevin Ladden '13 and Jean Ladden

Craig Lambert '86 and Bonnie Lambert

Jessica Lane '07 and John Dowds

Nancy Larder

Tom Lashnits and Betsy Bishop

Sherman Latchaw, II '69

Kay Leach '76 and Joseph Leach, Jr.

Woo Lee '66 and Lily Lee

Al Lehman '73 and Trish Lehman

Joe Lelli '80 and Barb Lelli '80

Tyler Leon

Joy Levy and Scott Levy

Basil Liakakos '90 and Alice Liakakos

Barbara Liggett

David Linde '60 and Elise Linde

Betty Liner and Stanley Liner '70

Dick Lipman '69 and Joyce Lipman

Kate Littlefield and Josh Littlefield

Bill Long '94 and Kathleen Long

Phil Luccarelli '83 and Maryanne Luccarelli

Jeanne Ludlow

Nick Lulka '67

Paul MacGregor '94

Linford Magaha, Sr. '79 and Dawn Magaha

James Maloney '79

Antoinette Maniatty

Curtis Mann '70 and Karen Mann

Mary Mansfield

Joe Marano, Jr. '88 and Natalie Marano

Will Marinelli '79

Emory Markovic '60 and Joan Markovic

Anne Matist

Diane Matteis and Tony Matteis, Jr.

Rachel Mauer and Craig Mauer

Kristen Maurer-McCarthy '04

William Mayer '54 and Helen Mayer

Charles McCleary, II '92

Carol McCoy '85 and Mark McCoy

Sheri McCrork '94

Mark McDevitt '13 and Shanae McDevitt '13

Jennifer McGehean '94 and James McGehean

Matthew McMahon '87 and Stephanie McMahon

Patrick McNulty '87 and Mary Jo McNulty

Ty McSherry, III '90

Bruce Mellott '92 and Colette Drabowski

Susan Meredith and Rob Meredith

Linda Mettler '93 and Jim Mettler '76

Celeste Midkiff, C.P.A. '87

Judith Miller and William Miller '67

Emily Miller '07 and Scott Miller

Al Minutolo

Mike Molchan '10

William Moller '87

Helen Montalvo '08

Monty Montileone and Betsy Montileone

Dale Moyer '76 and Stacey Moyer

Matthew Mutchler

Mary Myers and Ronald Myers '72

Steve Nathan '92

Andrea Nickoloff '09

Carol Noonan and Jim Noonan

Eugene Nowak '73 and Beth Nowak

Meg O'Donnell '11

Kristen Olszewski

Stephanie Paaske and Ben Holcombe

Beth Pandy '76

William Parkhurst, III '59

Jim Parsons '82 and Judith Parsons '84

Peggy Pawlowski and Edward Pawlowski '77

Kathy Payne

James Pearre '95

Danielle Pedrotty

Brian Pedrow and Christy Pedrow

Renna Pelkofsky and Richard Pelkofsky '80

Anthony Perri '64

Barbara Perry and George Perry, Jr. '63

Donald Petrie '77 and Sandra Petrie

Thomas Pheiffer '66 and Susan Pheiffer

Santo Podagrosi

Jennifer Price '96 and George Price

John Prickett '66

Harold Pyle '79 and Linda Pyle

Arnold Radi '62

John Raffetto '76 and Jennifer Raffetto

Ben Rakus '96

Stan Rane '78

Karen Rane '78

Joseph Reback

Ang Reckner '12

Scott Reedell '98 and Megan Reedell '00

Evan Reese, Jr. and Rosemary Reese

Hanan Reich '67

Charlie Reichner '67 and Catherine Neil

Kathleen Reilly '83 and Joseph Reilly

Kate Reilly

Mike Reinhardt '02

Debra Reiss-Bubenheim '81 and David Bubenheim '80

Jade Reitman and Bruce Reitman

Diane Rich and Gregory Rich '68

Karl Rider and Carrie Rider '99

Scott Rine '84

Patty Rissinger '82

Dave Robbins '11

James Robinson

Jen Rock '10 and Brandon Rock

Donald Rogge '84

Paul Rohr '59

Chuck Roohr '99

Melissa Roseman '08

Beth Rossi '02

Jack Roszel '72 and Cyndee Roszel '74

Bridgett Rouse and Keith Rouse, Sr. '89

Andra Rudershausen

Arthur Ruediger, D.O. '91 and Elizabeth Wetzler

Madeline Rusiloski

Michael Rutherford '84 and Pamela Rutherford

Darren Samuel '89

Mel Sanders '66

Sal Santangelo '62

Alex Saphos '74 and Diane Saphos

Mark Saunders '74 and Bob Thoman

Steve Saxe '00

Carol Schimpf '83 and Michael Schimpf '83

Quentin Schlieder, Jr. '70

Rich Scott '68 and Pat Scott

Greg Scott '69 and Cynthia Scott

Jim Scott, Jr. '76 and Carmela Scott

Don Sechler '71 and Carol Sechler

Lew Seidenberg '57 and Robin Seidenberg

Kristina Sempowski and Tim Sempowski '86

Tom Sexton '64 and Dorothy Sexton

John Shafer '63 and Laverne Shafer

Beth Shandor, D.O. '91

Carol Shimkus

Amanda Siegner '08

Dotty Silverman

Geoff Simpson '87 and Victoria Simpson '87

John Slover

Jennifer Smith '90 and William Smith

John Smith '72 and Elizabeth Smith

Laurie Smith

Lora Smith-Lago '91 and Kirk Lago

Daniel Smoker '88

Dion Snyder '69

Tom Speakman and Carole Speakman

Rodger Spear '71 and Sharon Spear

Phil Sperry '90

Cynthia Stainbrook and Bruce Stainbrook '73

Michael Staub, Jr. '74 and Geraldine Staub

Claire Steager and Brian Steager '71

Edward Stein '62

Diana Stein

Jeffrey Sternfeld and Henny Sternfeld

Joan Stewart '15

Julianna Stoeckel and John Stoeckel

Jerry Stone, Jr. '85 and Pam Stone

Karl Strohmaier '77 and Rose Strohmaier

Edward Strzelski '80 and Debra Strzelski

Henry Sumner '76 and Kathleen Sumner

Lance Sussman, Ph.D. and Liz Sussman

Larry Swartz '86 and Christine Swartz

Don Tantum '70 and Mary Tantum

Austin Taylor '04 and Jamie Taylor

Maureen Teleski and Richard Teleski

Richard Terry '84

Joe Theesfeld, Jr. '75 and Barbara Theesfeld

Kathy Thomas '76 and Peter Thomas '77

Barbara Timony

Ben Tomczak, Jr. '95 and Joanne Tomczak

Jim Trainer '82 and Mary Ellen Trainer '84

Joann Trainer

Judy Trimarchi and Robert Trimarchi

Martin Troutman '68 and Lois Troutman

George Tuttle '68 and Corrine Tuttle

Mark Tymes, Sr. '82

John Ulshoefer '62

Bob VanBlargan

Kenneth VanMeter '86

Louis Varga, Jr. '72

Barbara Vesey and Ed Vesey, III '74

Darci Visinger '01

Richard Walko '82

Eugene Wallace '70

Harry Walsh '68

Nancy Walt

Gary Webb '73

Steve Weiman '75 and Nancy Weiman

Neil Weinberg '69 and Arlene Weinberg

Kenneth Weiss '81 and Carol Weiss

Dennis Werner '78 and Dana Werner

George West, HM and Barbara West

Larry Widdoss '58 and Karen Widdoss

Thom Williams '71 and Janice Hawkins

Melvyn Wilson '65

Gisela Wintner and Barry Wintner

Madelyn Wira and Chuck Wira '62

John Wisniewski, Jr. '79

Kurt Yasenchak '14

Linda Yingling and Bruce Yingling

Charles Young '71 and Darla Young

Janet Young and Alex Young '67

Margie Zeiner and Ronald Zeiner '67

Christine Zeppenfeld '94 and Dan Zeppenfeld

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