Welcome to DelVal!

While there will be many opportunities to acclimate to the University, Orientation programs at DelVal are designed specifically to connect you with the staff, students, and faculty who make DelVal an exemplary small, private, teaching University.

The University is actively planning orientation programs for those new students starting in Spring 2022. Transfer students and first-time students complete the same overall online orientation with tailored programming woven into the online orientation for specific student populations.

Orientation will be held online through an asynchronous platform. New students will be sent information on Tuesday, January 4 on how to login into the platform and complete the orientation. The platform will be available 24/7. Students can complete the orientation over multiple sessions, it does not need completed at one time.

If you have questions at this time, please contact Andrew Moyer, assistant dean of students, at andrew.moyer@delval.edu


General Orientation Information

Student-Athlete Athletic Training Information