Perkins Loans

Important Information about Perkins Loans

Some DelVal students are awarded federal Perkins loans as part of their financial aid packages. The Perkins loan has some differences from other educational loans, including a different interest rate, a longer grace period, cancellation privileges for borrowers with full-time employment in certain public service careers, and a separate monthly payment that must be paid to DelVal's Perkins loan servicer, Heartland ECSI ("ECSI").

If you received a Perkins Loan, you will receive a letter from the Office of the Bursar after you leave DelVal. You will also receive notifications from ECSI during the 9-month grace period and monthly bills when the grace period ends and your Perkins loan enters repayment. You are responsible for providing current contact information to ECSI and the Office of the Bursar throughout the life of your Perkins loan.

It is important to make timely payments on your Perkins loan when it enters repayment. The status of your Perkins loan will affect your loan balance, eligibility for DelVal transcripts, credit history, and ability to obtain future federal financial aid. If there are other individuals who sort your mail or help you with your student loans, please be sure that they forward all ECSI communications to you.

Upon graduation or withdrawal from the University, students are required by federal regulations to complete exit counseling in order to understand their responsibilities as a borrower of federal Perkins loan funds. DelVal's Perkins loan exit interview is available online through Heartland ECSI. Until the online exit interview is completed, a Perkins loan exit interview hold is placed on the student's account, which prevents the release of official transcripts and diplomas. Within 2 business days after a student completes the online exit interview, the hold is removed from the student's account.

To complete the online Perkins loan exit interview:

  1. Go to the ECSI borrower website at
  2. If you previously set up an ECSI profile, click on the Sign In or Register link in the top right corner, sign in, and skip to Step 4.
  3. If you have not already set up a profile with ECSI:
    • Enter your desired user name and password in the Register and Create a New Profile section and Continue.
    • Enter your contact information and select security questions and answers, then click on Sign In & Accept.
    • Enter your new username and password in the Sign In to an Existing Profile section, answer a security question, and Continue.
    • Select Connect An Account and click on Connect.
    • In the Connect An Account section, enter your Heartland Key. Your Heartland Key is your encrypted account number and is included in all communications from ECSI. It is also included in the letter that the Office of the Bursar mailed to you when you left DelVal. If you cannot locate it, call ECSI at 1.888.549.3274 or Bonnie Labowsky at 215.489.4525.
    • Click on Connect to connect your Perkins account to your new profile.
  4. Complete the Perkins loan exit interview:
    • Select Delaware Valley University Student Loans & Receivables.
    • Click on View Account.
    • Go to the Documents tab.
    • Click on Review & Sign link to begin exit interview.
    • Click on Review & Sign link and then on Pending Exit link to begin exit interview. It may take 20 to 30 minutes to complete.
  5. Before you exit the ECSI website, we strongly recommend that you complete the electronic authorization to release information about your Perkins loan account to at least one trusted individual. If issues arise during the repayment of your loan, the individual(s) may assist you in resolving them.
    • Go to the Contact Info tab.
    • Click on the 3rd Party Information Release link.
    • Enter contact information for an individual(s) whom you wish to authorize and select Other as Purpose of Release.
    • Select I Hereby Authorize the ECSI checkbox and Save the form. The information will be uploaded to ECSI within 24 hours.

For ECSI's contact information, review the Perkins Loan Servicer Information document (PDF).

To review the terms and conditions of your Perkins master promissory note, consequences of defaulting on your loan, and eligible circumstances for deferment, forbearance, cancellation, or discharge of your loan, read our Perkins loan rights and responsibilities information sheet (PDF).

For important information on keeping your Perkins loan in good standing during repayment, read our Frequently Asked Questions about Perkins Loan Repayment document (PDF).

For details on making payments to ECSI and using the ECSI website, go to the ECSI Student Loan Accounts webpage.

If you still have questions
Bonnie Labowsky, Assistant Director of Student Accounts

Bursars Office

Or Perkins Loan - ECSI at 888.549.3274