Center for Learning in Retirement

CLR brings members of the retired and semi-retired community opportunities for personal growth through learning. For more than 30 years, CLR has provided a diverse selection of peer-led classes each semester for its 400-plus members each term.

Membership includes unlimited participation in classes in:

  • Arts & Music
  • History
  • Language & Current Topics
  • Philosophy
  • Science
  • Technology
  • and more!

Also enjoy exclusive events, guest speakers, special interest groups, and community partnerships.

CLR Online Program Highlights

  • No age requirement!
  • No geographic requirement!
  • Summer course proposals run May 20 - June 3

  • Summer Registration opens June 10

  • Summer Registration closes June 17

  • Summer Session runs July 1-26

  • No class July 4

  • One membership fee per term entitles members to register for an unlimited number of courses on a first-come, first-served basis; courses are not individually priced!
  • Varying class start dates, durations, and times
  • Any smart device can be used (ie. ipad, tablet, laptop, computer, phone)
DelVal CLR
CLR is More Than Classes, It's A Community of Lifelong Learners

CLR members enjoy not only exciting and engaging unlimited online classes, but also member exclusive pop-up opportunities! CLR is more than classes, it's a community of lifelong learners. The Center for Learning in Retirement continually strives to bring its members new and exciting exclusive opportunities for lifelong learning and personal enrichment. Bee sure to stay in the know and bee part of the hive to take advantage of these unique and exciting member-exclusive pop-up opportunities. As members, you'll be sent CLR Weekly E-Newsletters keeping you informed and in the loop of member-exclusive pop-up opportunities and much, much more.


Join our dedicated team of volunteer instructors! Teach What You Love!

Join our engaging, informative organization and share your knowledge and experiences with others. Teach What You Love! If you have a lot of time or a little bit of time, we are flexible! Explore the possibilities with CLR!

Let the fun and learning come alive and to you! CLR is as easy as 1-2-3, Browse, Register, Click!

Access to Virtual, Live, Guided Museum Tours, Trips, Adventures, and Exclusive Seminars

Did you know that CLR membership allows access to virtual, live, guided museum tours, trips, and adventures as well as DelVal exclusive virtual seminars, led by DelVal faculty and staff, each term as part of its course offerings?! Check out the video below for a sneak peak into some of our prior awesome adventures! CLR planning is currently underway for next term! What will be unveiled?

A man is giving a tour at a car showcase.

American Songbook: Discussion & Sing Along Seminar

No need for notes in this CLR seminar unless they’re musical of course! Tune in to this video featuring our American Songbook: Discussion & Sing Along seminar led by talented CLR instructor and pianist Don Tenenblatt for a real treat!

A man wearing a green CLR Shirt is smiling in front of a piano and microphone.

CLR is boundless and is reaching many milestones!

With no geographic requirements, members can participate from far and wide, while they are on vacation, and even if they move. CLR fits in everyone’s suitcase! You can even participate with friends and relatives abroad! Tune into this video interview led by CLR instructor, David Tonkin, to hear firsthand from CLR’s first international member, Lisa, about her experience with CLR!

A female CLR member joins a zoom call.
CLR Podcast Logo includes headphones and the word DelVal in green and gold
Learning for Life Podcast

Tune in to the inaugural Learning for Life Podcast podcast created and hosted by CLR Advisory Committee member, Sara Weisman-Shein. In Episode 1, Sara interviews CLR instructors Elaine Trott (History of NYC) and Ashley King (What Are Your Treasures Worth?).

In episode two, host Sara Weisman-Shein interviews Sherry Sullivan, CLR Instructor of the Our Favorite Detectives course, and the detective author Bernard Schaffer. Bernard Schaffer will be a featured author on the mystery/suspense panel at the Bucks County Book Festival Sunday, October 13.

Host Sara Weisman-Shein interviews two DelVal adjunct faculty members, Chef Edward Battone of the "Cooking With Chef Battone" a three-part series, and Robert Brown of the "Raising Livestock on a Small Farm" course. Both offerings are part of DelVal's noncredit programming.

In Episode 4, host Sara Weisman-Shein dialogues with Learning for Life's podcast editor and "Beatlemania: A Half Century" instructor Larry Lefkowitz. Joining them are renowned CLR art instructors Jan Marabito of Professional Artists Lecture Series and Mary Mathews from Printmaking and Mixed Media Painting. Listen while perusing the spring brochure to see just how much of an impact these courses have on CLR members and instructors!

Host Sara Weisman-Shein discusses the upcoming new Conversations on Cinema series that CLR, in collaboration with the County Theater in Doylestown, will be hosting this spring. Sara interviews Mike Kamison, programming director at the County Theater and Bill Lieser, prior Spy Movies instructor, who will both be moderating the series. Kudos to Larry Lefkowitz for his podcast editing skills! Stay tuned for more information on this new initiative! 

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