Resumes and Examples

Let us help you tell your story.

In most situations, a resume and cover letter are an employer’s first impression of you. Whether you’re creating your resume for the first time or refining your resume for a specific job opportunity, the Career Services team is here to help.

How Can Career Services Help?

Industry Insight: Nowadays, employers view hundreds of resumes a week and many have implemented the use of virtual screening software called applicant tracking systems (ATS). Additionally, different industries have different resume expectations, including length restrictions and requirements or preferred use of a CV (curriculum vitae). The Career Services team at DelVal engages in ongoing professional development activities and meets regularly with industry partners to keep a pulse on what employers want (and don’t want) to see to make sure your resume is ready to “beat the bots!"

Getting Started: The best way to begin writing your resume is to create what we refer to as the sloppy copy or, a brainstorm. You can get started by using our editable Sloppy Copy resource or making an appointment to get your experiences down on paper.

Layout and Formatting: Believe it or not, the use of strategic formatting and layout can have a tremendous impact on what the employer reads—or doesn’t read. We can help you reformat your resume so that it is well-suited to computer screening software (ATS) and human eyes!

Proofing: Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes can make a negative impression on employers. We can assist you with ensuring that your resume is error-free and follows the resume rules (which often go against what we’ve been taught).

Tailoring: The resume is not a job description but rather a personal marketing document. This means everything you include should demonstrate the skills you offer and that your resume should be tailored to every position. Using our warehouse of resources, the Career Services team teaches you how to identify keywords for inclusion on a resume so that you’re empowered to finalize your resume!