Horizons Magazine

Horizons is the magazine for alumni and friends of Delaware Valley University. Horizons offers a blend of features, news, insight and images focusing on the University today, the institution's goals for the future and a glance back at the University's history. The issues below open as interactive digital magazines.

Horizons Archives: 2016-2014

Horizons - Fall 2016

The Experience360 Program: Setting Graduates up for Success

Horizons - Spring 2016

Farewell to Dr. Joseph S. Brosnan, President from 2007 to 2016

Horizons - Winter 2015

Precarious Alliance- Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. headlines DelVal's sustainability conference

Horizons - Summer 2015

From a College to a University - 119 Years in the Making

Horizons Archives: 2014-2010

Horizons - Fall 2014

Moving Walls

Horizons - Spring 2014

The Life Sciences at Delaware Valley College

Horizons - Fall 2013

Curious Minds

Horizons - Spring 2013

DelVal in the Community

Horizons - Fall 2012

Realizing the Vision

Horizons - Spring 2012

Five Years of Progress

Horizons - Fall 2011

New Academic Team

Horizons - Spring 2011

A Gift of a Lifetime

Horizons - Fall 2010


Horizons - Spring 2010

Strategic Planning

Horizons Archives: 2009-2006

Horizons - Fall 2009

Designing New York

Horizons - Summer 2008

President Joseph S. Brosnan

Horizons - Summer 2006

Women of Delaware Valley College

Horizons - Spring 2006

A Passion for Business