Program Outcomes and Competencies:

Delaware Valley University’s PA Program Learning Outcomes are the medical knowledge, interpersonal, clinical and technical skills, professional behaviors, and clinical reasoning and problem-solving abilities that will be attained at the completion of the program.

Delaware Valley University’s PA Program Competencies represent the skills, attributes, and behaviors required for successful completion and graduation from the program and to function as an entry-level physician assistant in clinical practice. Graduates of DelVal’s PA Program will demonstrate competence in the following domains:

  • Medical Practice Knowledge
  • Interpersonal and Communication Skills
  • Interprofessional Collaborative Practice & Leadership
  • Society and Population Health
  • Professional and Legal Aspects of Health Care
  • Healthcare Systems-Based Practice

PA Program Competencies & PLO

Required Academic Standards:

The following requirements must be met in order for students to successfully graduate from Delaware Valley University’s PA Program:

  • Completion of all required curricular elements for a total of 108 credits
  • Grade of “B-“ or better in all courses
  • Minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0
    • Academic probation period may be offered as outlined in the PA Student Handbook
  • Successful completion (grade of 70% or better) of summative assessments, including written and practical examinations at the conclusion of didactic and clinical phases, professionalism rubrics, and clinical passport elements.

Course Descriptions & Credit Requirements

Other Requirements:

Satisfactory Academic Progress:

  • Delaware Valley University’s Physician Assistant is a full-time, cohort Program. Completion of the graduate degree is expected in 24 months.
  • Except in cases of leaves of absence or where it is necessary to repeat or delay a clinical rotation, deviations from the cohort schedule are not permitted. In the event a student is dismissed or withdraws from the Program, readmission must be requested within six months unless an exception was granted in writing at the time of dismissal or withdrawal. Please see the Program’s Published Policy Library for additional information regarding dismissal, leaves, and/or withdrawal.
  • Under the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy, the institution is required to establish a maximum time frame in which graduate students must complete their Program of study in order to remain eligible for financial aid funding. While it is unlikely a scenario would occur in which a PA student would require this maximum time-frame given the above policies and cohort design of the Program, the maximum period for graduate degree completion at Delaware Valley University is 6 years.