Interdisciplinary Studies (B.A./B.S.)

This agile, flexible degree is designed to prepare you for a complex career, not a singular job. Whether you have a passion for more than one subject or just want to blend previous credits in a new custom way, IS allows you to tailor your own program around any two existing academic areas offered at DelVal. Could this be the ideal answer for you?

Do you love horses and photography? Do you love science but also writing? Consider combining biology and media or animal science and business. Want to pursue a career in criminal justice with a focus on wildlife? Combine criminal justice and conservation and wildlife management on your way to becoming a game warden. You’ll get multiple perspectives on issues and ideas, and open yourself up to multiple career and graduate school opportunities. This major will also allow you to gain essential critical thinking and problem-solving skills necessary for all career paths.

As an IS student, you’ll follow your own academic and career goals by designing a program tailored to your specific interests. You may integrate your I.S. major around any two academic areas already offered at DelVal.

The interdisciplinary studies degree may be just the option you need to pursue your bachelor’s degree from the ground up or as a way to complete a degree already begun. It allows you to pursue your passion and gain the skills and knowledge needed to go in flexible directions.

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Dr. Brian Lutz discusses the Place Studies course.

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Looking for a degree that is as unique as you are? Do you have specific career goals that don’t align with the one-size-fits-all options in a college catalog? Then you need to check out interdisciplinary studies.

Sample Programs:

  • Cultural Studies
  • Food Systems
  • One Health
  • Success Coordinators
  • Marketing and Graphic Design
  • Game Warden

Recommended Minors

  • Agribusiness
  • Biochemistry
  • Business Administration
  • Communication
  • Food Systems
  • One Health Communication
  • Policy Studies
  • Writing 
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NEW! One Health Communication Minor

The One Health Communication minor provides students with the opportunity to bridge the study of writing and rhetoric with the sciences. Students who complete this minor will enhance their analytical and communication skills related to sciences including the University’s pre-veterinary, pre-health, STEM and science programs. They will gain skills for effectively communicating science topics to non-scientists and the general public.

Career Paths

Unlimited! Design your degree to support your interests and career goals.


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The Experience360 Program gives you the opportunity to apply classroom lessons to real-world activities like internships, career exploration experiences, student research, study abroad, leadership development, and more.

Dr. Jessica McCall, Professor, Interdisciplinary Studies Program Coordinator

Office Location: Miller 301B

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