Be a Wildlife Warrior: Christine Lambert ’22 Accepts Position with U.S. Department Of Agriculture

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Christine Lambert student Delaware Valley University

Christine Lambert ’22, a Conservation & Wildlife Management alumna, will begin working for the U.S. Department Of Agriculture (USDA) this fall.

Christine Lambert '22 is what Delaware Valley University (DelVal) likes to call a "Wildlife Warrior." She graduated from DelVal with a B.S. in conservation and wildlife management, with hopes to find a career in which she could become an advocate for both wildlife and society. 

“My end goal after graduating from DelVal was to become a Wildlife Biologist, working with organizations that challenge, support, and encourage me as a lifelong learner and advocate for wildlife,” said Lambert. She is grateful to DelVal for providing hands-on experience in the field and for boosting her confidence in and out of the classroom. “Thank you, DelVal, for propelling my confidence as an uprising professional with a lot of self-doubt and discovery on my path to pursuing my dreams as a Wildlife Biologist,” she referred. 

With confidence and real-world experience under her belt, Lambert recently accepted a position with the USDA as a Biological Science Technician, where she will fulfill her hopes to become a wildlife advocate. 

"I will be moving to Montana in September to join the USDA team in the northwestern Montana region, right below Glacier National Park. I'll be utilizing non-lethal predator management techniques through the installation of electric fences to deter wolves and grizzlies from predating on livestock," she explained.

A big part of her job will be communicating with ranch and homeowners, native tribes, and wildlife protector groups to understand their perspectives and advocate for both society and wildlife, striking a balance that will allow humans and wildlife to live cohesively together. "I look forward to spending my time in Montana working independently and communicating with my USDA staff and stakeholders in a beautiful state, all the while recognizing and addressing livestock and wildlife issues together."

As Lambert ‘22 continues to expand her wildlife experience, she hopes to one day return to academia and pursue her master's degree. Until then, she is very excited for new adventures in Montana. 

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