Career Development and Exploration

Use our extensive career services tools to help you chart your course.

The CSPD Team knows how important it is for you to feel not only confident in your choice of major but also assured that you are on the right path toward a career that you will excel in and enjoy. For these reasons, you are encouraged to use our career exploration resources early and often throughout your time at DelVal.

As part of our strategy for connecting students to the best career resources for their particular fields of study and interests, we often recommend major-specific job search sites, internship opportunities and professional associations or journals, as well as tapping into our expansive alumni network and database of industry contacts. We are also proud to partner with the following subscription services: can help you explore majors and identify career pathways affiliated with different academic disciplines. Explore typical career areas and types of employers that hire in these fields, as well as strategies for making yourself a more marketable candidate.

InterviewPrep allows you to practice and prepare for an interview anytime, anywhere. You can practice responding to interview questions, have your responses recorded, and review or share them with others for feedback. 

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We recommend that you take advantage of the available resources to learn about career pathways associate with your major. 

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