At DelVal, one of our core values as an educational community is to respect all people. It is important that any community member can access and participate in their chosen academic and extra-curricular pursuits.

The Office of Accessibility Services a support system for assuring students with disabilities reasonable accommodations and equal access to the University’s educational and housing programs, as well as, extra-curricular activities.

It is the student’s responsibility to notify the University of the need for accommodations based on a documented disability through the Disability Accommodations Request Process.

Requesting Accommodations

Requests for disability accommodations are reviewed through an interactive and individualized process.

Students requesting accommodation(s) for a disability must complete the online Disability Accommodation Request Form, which includes appendices that outline the documentation requirements. All requests must be accompanied by supporting documentation from a qualified healthcare professional that demonstrates the limitations of the disability and the nexus to the requested accommodation(s).

Students with disabilities requesting accommodations are urged to submit requests as soon as possible, as the interactive and individualize review process can take several weeks.

Request Forms
Kelly Hojnacki, Assistant Dean of Student Development

Office: Student Center, 2nd floor