Public Safety

We are here for your safety.


The Office of Public Safety implements/complements the Delaware Valley University mission as it relates to the safety of students, personnel and their guests while encouraging individuals to be responsible for their own safety and security, as well as the safety and security of college property.

The Office of Public Safety strives: 

  • To prevent, detect, and investigate criminal and non-criminal incidents.
  • To enforce parking/traffic rules and regulations.
  • To provide emergency and routine medical assistance.
  • To provide security services for events at the college.
  • To provide general services and assistance to college personnel, students, visitors and guests.
  • To educate the college community of the service offered by the Public Safety and Security Department.

Although the Office of Public Safety provides a number of services, as a whole, it is an assisting department, working hand-in-hand with all offices and services of DelVal to achieve the mission of the University. 

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The first--and best--option is to get out if you possibly can. People have been shot while they froze in place a few steps from an exit door, said Scott Zimmerman of K17 Security. Encourage others to leave with you, but don't let their indecision keep you from going. 

Choose an escape route carefully. 

Don't run willy-nilly or blindly follow a crowd. Pause to look before you enter choke points such as stairwells, lobbies and exits to make sure you can move through them quickly and not get stuck out in the open. 

Think unconventionally. 

Doors are not the only exits. Open a window; if you have to break it, aim for a corner. See if the drop ceiling conceals a stable hiding place or a way to enter another room. You may even be able to punch through thin drywall between rooms.

To submit a report for a student trip to an off campus location for purposes of mandatory Federal Clery reporting information please use the following link: 

Submit a Clery Trip Report

To assist in obtaining the necessary information required, you may also bring with you a copy of this ​PDF​ ​of the online form. Upon return please submit the information gathered into the online form within 15 days.

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Omnilert/E2 Campus

In order to facilitate communication for our students in the event of an emergency, Delaware Valley University has instituted Omnilert / e2Campus, a digital alert system that notifies individuals in the event of a disaster. In the event of an emergency, a message is sent out to any registered cell phone and email address; students are alerted immediately of any threat or condition on campus, including inclement weather. 

Sign up for Omnilert / e2Campus alerts.