Technology Services

Technology Services is the technical support department for Delaware Valley University.

Technology Services provides computer, network, telephone, and application services for almost all areas of the University community. Current students, faculty, and staff can visit our SharePoint site for more Technology Services information including classroom listings, campus software information, forms, and much more.

Technology on Campus

Academic spaces have various technology available based on the needs of the students and faculty. Most classrooms are equipped with instructor computers and projectors. Labs typically have specialized equipment that will facilitate learning in the space.

The University also uses Microsoft Office 365 as our web-based communications and collaboration platform. All students and employees have access to Office 365 and can download the available Office 365 applications to multiple devices.

All interior public spaces have access to wifi and some locations have computers available for the community.

  • Commuter Lounge in the Student Center - Open 24/7
  • Miller Hall Writing Center - Open 24/7
  • Library - See Library web site for current hours

Delaware Valley University has partnered with Apogee to manage the in-room network and wireless experience. Please note that you will periodically see communications from Apogee. These communications will often reference MyResNet, which is the Apogee residence hall service.

If you are living on campus, this will affect you in the following ways:

  • Apogee has upgraded the entire residence hall wireless and wired networks to ensure comprehensive coverage.
  • Resident students must go to the apogee portal to create an account: - please use your DelVal credentials.
  • All of your devices need to be registered to your MyResNet account.
  • Each resident student has the Basic Plan that can accommodate 10 devices on the network and will have a connection speed of 100Mbps up/download speeds. 
  • On the Apogee website, residents can find a 24/7 number to call when experiencing network problems in residence halls.
  • Gaming consoles and streaming boxes (AppleTV, Roku, etc...) will be able to connect to various internet services.
  • When in areas outside of the residence halls, you will need to use your regular network credentials to connect to campus wireless networks.
Technology Support

Technology Services provides support for most University computers, systems, and applications. Technology needs and questions should be addressed to the Help Desk.


You can reset your password by hitting Ctrl+Alt+Del on a DelVal Windows computer, when on-campus, and then selecting 'Change a password'. You can also visit Office 365 and click 'Can't access your account?' and reset your password from anywhere.

The links below can be used to manage your Office 365/DelVal account password and security questions.

Your password must meet the following password complexity requirements:

  • The password cannot be a previous password
  • A minimum of 8 characters and a maximum of 16 characters
  • Requires three out of the four of the following:
    • Lowercase characters
    • Uppercase characters
    • Numbers (0-9)
    • At least one of the allowed characters: @ # $ % ^ & * - _ ! + = [ ] { } | \ : ‘ , . ? / ` ~ “ ( ) ;
  • It cannot contain your name or username
  • The password must not contain what Microsoft considers to be a 'common word'. If you attempt to use a common word, you'll likely receive an error stating that your password needs to be more difficult to guess.
  • You will be required to periodically change your password for your email/network/Office 365 account.
    • Student passwords need to be changed every 180 days.
    • Employee passwords need to be changed every 90 days.

We recommend replacing certain letters with numbers or alternate characters.


Instead of using GoAggies1896 try using something like G0@ggi3$1896

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) has been implemented at the University as a secondary method to authenticate access to your MS Office 365 account. You have very likely already seen this type of protection in place when you log into your bank account or when accessing other applications.  MFA will be required for all individual University accounts. MFA is an effective way to help secure our accounts against hackers and phishing. With the recent increase in successful attacks and leaked passwords, we all need to do our part in staying secure. 

Here is some information that may assist you when setting up MFA for your MS Office 365 account.

You can create and view your support requests by going to the DVU App Hub and clicking on the Technology Services Support icon. Once there, you will have the ability to create a new support request or view existing support requests. Detailed instructions can be found here.

You can also contact the Help Desk at or at 215-489-4357.

Technology Resources

Technology Services maintains various technology policies that pertain to the DelVal community. Most of these policies are located on the University policy site. Policies and procedures that need to be publicly visible are available on this page.

Delaware Valley University is committed to protecting the intellectual property of the University and others. To that end, the University has created a copyright infringement information website on myDelVal. This site provides information about the University's compliance with the Higher Education Act of 2008, the risks associated with file sharing and the consequences related to copyright infringement by students and employees.

Copyright infringement notifications should be sent to

Help Desk
Andrew Dailey - Support Technician
Rich Montonario - Desktop Support Specialist
Patrick Kelly - Media and Educational Technology Specialist

Network and Infrastructure
Charles Scally - Director of Network Operations
Mike Roman - Data Center Administrator
Brian Harris - Data Center Administrator
Brenda Lazarus - Applications and System Administrator

Enterprise Information Systems
Karla Castro-Lepore - Director of Enterprise Systems
Lea Brown - Senior Systems Programmer and Analyst
Thaddeus Hall - Application Developer/Database Administrator
Peggy Cini - Systems Analyst

Information Security Officer
Michael Pilch - Information Security Officer

Contact Technology Services
Technology Services

Feldman Building, Room 1, basement

Mon. - Fri.: 7:30 AM - 7 PM
Hours may vary slightly during holiday and summer breaks.