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"Experiential education is more than being hands-on. It is more long-lasting than a field trip; it is more permanent than an internship; it is more comprehensive than a co-op. Experiential education creates a personalized approach that fully engages the individual for learning that lasts.

It is a teaching and learning philosophy practiced by educators who intentionally engage with learners through direct experience and focused reflection to increase knowledge, develop skills, and clarify values. Experiential education is often contrasted with didactic education, in which the educator’s role is to “give” information/knowledge to students and to prescribe study/learning exercises that have “information/knowledge transmission” as the main goal.

Experiential education is personalized because it puts the learner front and center. Through direct “hands-on” experiences, paired with focused personal reflection, learning is individually created.

It’s engaging because experiential education involves actively applying content to real life, to real problems, and to real opportunities.

It’s lasting because we focus on how to learn, not what to learn.

Our experiential education philosophy will be embedded throughout all formal and informal teaching environments, in the classroom and beyond."

Delaware Valley University Strategic Plan, Adopted January 25, 2019

2 students releasing turtles into the wild
a student in the commuter lounge
2 students walking on campus, one holding books
a student giving a class presentation
students working with a professor in the food science lab